October 28, 2016

Trump Claims Clinton Trying to 'Politicize' FBI Investigation

Donald Trump seizes on Hillary Clinton saying that FBI Director James Comey only informed Republican lawmakers that his bureau was reviving its investigation of her private e-mail server use. "Another Clinton lie," Trump says at campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa "The FBI would never have reopened this case at this time unless it was a most egregious criminal offense": Trump Crowd chants "lock her up" NOTE: Earlier in a news conference in Iowa, Clinton incorrectly stated that Comey sent letter

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Dumbest Idea Of The Week: 'The GOP Destroy Conservative Media!'

Trump derangement syndrome is taking its toll

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These are Tesla's stunning new solar roof tiles for homes

b6cdb981-994c-4189-bcdd-9aa18df2fb57 Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk wasn't kidding when he said that the new Tesla solar roof product was better looking than an ordinary roof: the roofing replacement with solar energy gathering powers does indeed look great. It's a far cry from the obvious and somewhat weird aftermarket panels you see applied to roofs after the fact today. The solar roofing comes in four distinct… Read More

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Hillary Clinton demands James Comey make public reason for reopening email probe

Hillary Clinton called on the FBI to release all the information they have that prompted the reopening of the investigation in to her email, calling the full disclosure "imperative" as the probe rocked her presidential campaign with 11 days until the election.

Mrs. Clinton on Friday said that like everyone ...

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Our favorite startups from 500 Startups' 18th class

500startups 18 500 Startups' 18th demo day wrapped up this afternoon in San Francisco. The companies that presented ranged from financial technology all the way to yet another attempt to try and fix conference calls. 500 Startups has to compete with a lot of other accelerators like Techstars and Y Combinator, and in order to be successful it needs to generate hits from these classes. The firm has had… Read More

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Hillary Clinton Demands 'Complete Facts' in FBI E-Mail Probe

At a news conference in Des Moines, Iowa, on Friday evening, Hillary Clinton called on the FBI to disclose "all the information: it has about the case involving her use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state. The Democratic nominee said "we have not been contacted by anyone" and called on FBI Director James Comey to release "all the information" he has.

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The Left Jumps the Shark Into a Dumpster Fire

(Steven Hayward) I'm looking forward to retiring some of the overused cliches of this election cycle, especially "dumpster fire." It seems to have replaced "perfect storm" as the metaphor for tipping points to disaster. (Heh.) But today, to use one more cliche that won't seem to drown from overuse, the left has jumped the shark with its Trump-the-Groper story line. The Puffington Host and Vox are breathless this afternoon with a "newly

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Obama pleads with Florida Democrats not to get complacent, says GOP has 'given up' on Trump

Campaigning for Hillary Clinton hours after the FBI announced it was reopening a probe of her emails, President Obama urged voters in Florida Friday not to allow the election "to slip away."

"We cannot kick back and think that we've got this thing won," Mr. Obama told thousands of supporters ...

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Geert Wilders Refuses To Show Up To His Own Hate Speech Trial

A 'political trial'

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Apple's new Intel driven MacBook Pros have a secondary ARM processor that runs Touch ID and security

macbooktouchbarediting When will Apple ship a MacBook with an ARM processor? This is a question that has been top of mind for observers of the company ever since it started designing and building its own chips from the ground up. The answer to that question is now, sort of. Apple's new 13" and 15" MacBook Pro models come equipped with a Touch Bar – that bar and the accompanying Touch ID… Read More

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Activists Hopeful Marijuana Ballots Will Spark Nationwide Reform

'Lights out for marijuana prohibition'

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Three reasons carriers are building new cell networks for the Internet of Things

iot internet of things city Wireless carriers are building all-new cellular networks for the Internet of Things. Cell phone networks fall short for IoT in three ways: battery life, cost and wireless coverage. Solving just one of those factors would be enough to justify new networks. Solving all three is a game-changer for IoT. Read More

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Comey Under Fire to Explain FBI Review of Clinton E-Mails

On "With All Due Respect," Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discuss the Federal Bureau of Investigation's reopening of its probe into Hillary Clinton's use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state.

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Bentley offers to meet privately with impeachment committee

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley is offering to meet privately with members of an impeachment committee to answer any questions they have for him.

Bentley sent letters Thursday to House Judiciary Committee members asking for a Nov. 10 meeting in his office. The governor said he wanted ...

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Russians Side With Trump On 'Access Hollywood' Sex Talk Audio

Russia wants Trump to win.

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Vehicle security device Ernest launches today

Ernest app interface Ernest is a bit difficult to describe. It's a device, it's two devices, it's an app, and according to its founder, Arturs Pumpurs, it's a kind of virtual butler. The system secures your vehicle, tells you where it is, and controls your garage door or, if you have one, gate. The Kickstarter campaign starts October 28 and runs through December 7. The project began as a… Read More

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GOP, Democrats Ask FBI to Explain Renewed Clinton Probe

Republicans and Democrats agree on one thing after the Federal Bureau of Investigation's disclosure that it's looking into new e-mails related to its investigation of Hillary Clinton's use of a private server: The FBI needs to reveal more about newly discovered e-mails -- and fast.

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(Re)Enter the FBI

(Scott Johnson) The big news of the day is the revelation, as reported by the New York Times, that "new emails uncovered in the closed investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server were discovered after the F.B.I. seized electronic devices belonging to Huma Abedin, a top aide to Mrs. Clinton, and her husband, Anthony Weiner." In its own way, the interpenetration of the Weiner sexting case and the eternal

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Brian Fallon: 'Boggles the Mind' That FBI Would Reopen Clinton Email Investigation

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Editorials from around New England

Excerpts of recent editorials of statewide and national interest from New England newspapers:

The Hartford Courant (Conn.), Oct. 22, 2016

Mornings are cool, fog shrouds the road to work, and autumn, that entrance into the dark tunnel of winter, is fully arrived.

Fall's an ironic season. For poets, it's a ...

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DiCaprio Climate Catastrophe Film Boosts Clinton Campaign

The 'docuganda' appears to be riddled with mistakes

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Facebook draws criticism for 'ethnic affinity' ad targeting

facebook headquarters 1 hacker way ProPublica pointed to some potentially problematic Facebook ad capabilities today — specifically, the ability to include or exclude users from a given ad campaign based on their "ethnic affinity." These capabilities have existed for a while (Facebook told ProPublica's Julia Angwin and Terry Parris Jr. it began offering them within the past two years as part of its… Read More

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Christie Aides Imperiled Thousands in Bridge Jams, U.S. Says

Closing arguments in the George Washington Bridge lane-closing trial began with a video image of a single, one-sentence e-mail that has come to define the scandal: "Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee."

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Report: New Clinton Emails Tied to Weiner Sexting Investigation

Newly uncovered emails that forced the FBI to reopen its investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email use were reportedly found when federal officials seized devices from longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner.

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Cibola County private prison could hold ICE detainees

GRANTS, N.M. (AP) - A New Mexico county has conditionally approved a contract to house Haitian immigration detainees at a private prison.

The Gallup Independent reports (http://bit.ly/2dPrKXT ) that the Cibola County Commission voted Wednesday to approve the contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

County attorney Dave Pato says the ...

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Samantha Hoopes Goes Without A Bra In A Sheer Top For Cover Shot [PHOTOS]

'Still one of my favorite shots'

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I am in a test for Twitter's new @ reply design and it is a mess

img_2585 Twitter is testing a new design of the @reply that is intended to 'clean up' the conversation view by completely removing usernames from tweets. I'm in the test bucket (a group of users that Twitter is having take the features for a spin to see how they react) and it is a mess. Read More

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What the U.S. Election Means for American Business

Business Roundtable President John Engler, Univision Communications Vice President Chiqui Cartagena, and Steward Health Care System founder, Chairman and CEO Ralph de la Torre talk about the implications of the next presidency for American business with Bloomberg's Jason Kelly at Bloomberg's The Year Ahead summit in New York.

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Democratic Congressman Suggests Russia Involved in FBI Reopening Clinton Investigation

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Donald Trump on email investigation: System 'might not be as rigged as I thought'

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is rethinking his charge that the political system is "rigged" against him, following the FBI's announcement that it has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails.

"It might not be as rigged as I thought," Mr. Trump said Friday at a campaign rally in New ...

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What Is The Perfect Day To Buy A Machete?

This deal answers the age-old question

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Apple taps LG to build external displays for its new MacBooks

s-aolcdn The shedding of various other ports in favor of ThunderBolt 3 ubiquity will no doubt be one of the biggest pain points for many when it comes to upgrading to the new MacBooks. Though the new ports do have benefits. Take the fact that the 15-inch version is capable of powering up to four 4K displays simultaneously. It's overkill, likely for 99.9-percent of us, but hey, it's nice to… Read More

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