July 18, 2016

Sheriff David Clarke: Black Lives Matter's Actions Amount To 'Anarchy' [VIDEO]

'Donald Trump is the steadfast leader our nation needs'

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One of Apple Music's biggest problems is getting fixed

Apple music itunes Apple is addressing a major complaint some users had with the way its Apple Music streaming service functions when it comes to matching your personal music collection to an online catalog – a feature that allows you to stream your tracks from the cloud, via Apple's iCloud. The company is now switching from a poorer matching technology to use audio fingerprinting. By doing so,… Read More

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Trump Criticizes Ohio's Kasich for Not Attending GOP Convention

"If I were him and I got beaten that badly" in presidential primary contests, "I probably wouldn't have shown up either," Donald Trump says of Ohio Gov. John Kasich's decision to not play a prominent role at the GOP's convention in his state's major city. NOTE: Trump makes comments in Fox News phone interview at same time speakers were touting him at convention underway in Cleveland; those at podium discussing Benghazi attack included mother of one of victims Trump says when Kasich was running f

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Marcus Luttrell: 'America Is the Light'

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Democrat-funded protests backfire as officer killings boost support for police

The horrifying slayings of eight law enforcement officers in the past 10 days may come back to haunt Democrats funding protests against police behind the scenes in hopes of energizing black voters in November.

Instead of juicing turnout for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, the unrest may wind up ...

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Meet Some Of The Literal Fascists Attending The RNC

Just don't call them Nazis

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Using digital screens to inspire better health

digitalarthealth Digital signage is an industry that just keeps getting bigger. Most digital signage customers use screens to sell advertising space, provide information or assist wayfinding. The really good ones look to create dynamic signage that changes in response to variables that allows them to personalize content and playlists. But recently, more are looking to use screens to inspire better health… Read More

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Kasich Airs Doubts Trump Can Carry Ohio

"I think it's real hard if you don't have a unifying message," GOP Gov. John Kasich of Ohio says in an interview with NBC News of Donald Trump's chances of carrying his state and its 18 electoral votes. "If you're not a unifier, it's a real challenge," Kasich tells NBC's Lester Holt Kasich, a Trump challenger in the presidential race who hasn't endorsed him and isn't scheduled to speak at the natl convention in Cleveland, shrugged off comments about him this morning by the presumptive nominee's

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Another Day, Another Allahu Akbar

(John Hinderaker) In southern Germany, a 17-year-old Afghan refugee pulled out a hatchet and a knife on a train and attacked his fellow passengers, wounding 19, three grievously. A teenage Afghan refugee shouted 'Allahu Akbar' before hacking at passengers during an axe and knife rampage on a train in Germany. … As many as 19 passengers needed hospital treatment while three victims are fighting for their lives after being attacked with 'cutting

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The Circus Comes to Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Ohio—It is flattering to be in Cleveland for the GOP convention as a member of the press, because everything that happens here is really for me. Not me specifically, of course, or even primarily for writers at online newspapers—TV stations with large audiences are obviously higher up on the press heap—but the media as a whole, with its ability to broadcast events and to shape public opinion about them, is the whole reason-for-being of this vast, tense pep-rally.

Nothing is actually going to happen here, politically speaking, so if it weren't for us, what would be the reason to hold this expensive, disruptive get-together? The failed effort to force a floor vote on the rules package, which, had it succeeded, would still have failed to stop Trump's nomination, will likely be the closest thing this week to anything resembling political "news" in the strict sense.

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Trump unity at RNC reassures party faithful

CLEVELAND | Some of the sharpest intellects in the Republican Party had their doubts as to whether a Donald Trump-RNC combo could be made to work.

But far from adversaries pursuing incompatible agendas, Mr. Trump's campaign operatives and those taking orders from Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus have successfully ...

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A Cast Of Characters Unite For Trump

Gays, blacks, Christians, and Asians for Trump

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Now launching in Estonia, Cleveron's PackRobot is like an Amazon Locker on steroids

PackRobot-LK-001 Estonian start-up Cleveron is looking to one-up Amazon's Lockers with a more advanced solution, and today the company's PackRobot makes its public debut in its home country. Read More

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GOP Rules Vote Leaves 'Bad Taste,' Says Louisiana Delegate

Donald Trump campaign resorted to a "strong-armed tactic" to block a roll-call vote on Republican convention rules, and that "really put a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths," says Ed Tarpley, a La. delegate pledged to Sen. Ted Cruz Tarpley signed petition seeking roll-call vote, which was denied by convention leaders "Who can be opposed to a vote, an open vote?" It was "a dumb move" on 1st day of convention, Tarpley says Related: Anti-Trump Factions Disrupt Vote at Republican Convention

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Donald Trump financial agenda: Would reinstate Glass-Steagall Act, repeal Dodd-Frank

CLEVELAND — Smoot and Hawley are back in and Glass and Steagall may be next in line for rehabilitation, if Donald Trump carries out the financial agenda in the platform approved by the Republican delegates here Monday.

The all-but-certain GOP presidential nominee has made no secret during the campaign of ...

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Fed Bureaucrat Unions Sure To Fume Over This Reform Plan For Trump

Think tank reports that government must 'minimize taxpayer costs'

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Postmates aqui-hires team behind controversial Famous game.

postmates pop Eager to throw its product development into high gear, Postmates snags the team from Hey! inc. The latter best known for its ludicrously viral game Stolen, which was shut down and later reborn as Famous. "The Hey team was introduced to us an investor," Postmates' CTO and co-founder Sean Plaice said. "He brought to our attention that the Hey team might be looking for a… Read More

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Republican Platform Under Trump Backs Glass-Steagall's Return

The platform also embraces Trump's America-first stance on international trade.

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MSNBC Analyzes Terrorism

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Benghazi survivor: 'Hillary Clinton failed to protect her people on the ground'

CLEVELAND — A member of the security team that was in Benghazi, Libya during the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack says Hillary Clinton failed to protect her team on the ground that night — but that Donald Trump will have Americans' backs.

"Thank you America for showing us the support ...

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Ben Carson Doesn't Want To Serve In A Trump Administration [VIDEO]

'Don't want a position'

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Everything Yahoo has going for it right now

FILE - In this Nov. 5, 2014, file photo, a person walks in front of a Yahoo sign at the company's headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif. Yahoo announced Wednesday, March 2, 2016, that the company is adding a new component to its Sports vertical: competitive video gaming. Yahoo said that Esports will offer video coverage of live tournaments, including expert commentary and interviews with top players. Esports will also include articles, scores, team rosters, schedules, player rankings, calendars and statistics. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File) Its core assets are worth $5 billion (we think?) It owns a bunch of Alibaba The audio fidelity of the earnings calls is really good Yahoo Finance Teens still like Tumblr I guess? (See also: Yahoo's latest disappointing quarter pretty much sums up the past few years) Read More

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No Love Lost Between Trump and Kasich in Must-Win Ohio

Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort says the Ohio governor is acting "petulant" by not supporting the presumptive Republican nominee.

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RNC Attendant Yells at MSNBC Reporter to Stop Blocking the Aisle

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GOP leaders stamp out anti-Trump push at Republican National Convention, skip roll call vote

CLEVELAND — GOP leaders steamrolled over anti-Trump delegates Monday, pushing through the party's rules binding delegates and ensuring Donald Trump will claim the nomination later this week.

Party leaders gaveled the voice-vote closed and declared the pro-Trump rules adopted, spurring an angry outcry from a vocal minority.

"Roll call vote!" ...

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Breaking: Multiple Injured By Axeman On German Train

Here we go again

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Anti-Trump Factions Disrupt Vote at Republican Convention

Anti-Trump forces fail to secure signatures needed to generate a minority report.

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FBI Labeled Orlando Gunman 'Not a Terrorist' Three Years Before Attack

The FBI deemed Omar Mateen not a terrorist after agents interviewed him in 2013 regarding possible jihadist links, three years before the gunman would massacre 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando last month.

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Campaign finance reform PAC spending $1.5M for Cortez Masto

LAS VEGAS (AP) - A group that wants to reform campaign finance law is buying $1.5 million in airtime for commercials supporting Democratic Senate hopeful Catherine Cortez Masto.

The End Citizens United PAC announced Monday that it was buying airtime in Nevada and New Hampshire Senate races. The group's executive ...

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Reports Of The Iran Nuclear Deal's Success Are Greatly Exaggerated

The nuclear deal was crafted to check Iran's nuclear ambitions, but it may end up doing the opposite.

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Snapchat "Suggest" is the new way to get famous

snapchat-plus Finally there's a better way to gain followers on Snapchat. The app refuses to tell you who to watch. There are no suggested user lists, no leaderboards, no little buttons everywhere begging you to add someone new. You've had to go out and find your own people to follow. Until now. Alongside the recent launch of Memories, Snapchat quietly added a new feature it didn't… Read More

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Anti-Trump Delegates Will Force Floor Vote on Rules: Politico

Republicans opposed to Donald Trump have enough signatures to force a floor vote on convention rules, Politico reports. Floor vote will provide opportunity for anti-Trump delegates to voice their opposition, Politico reports Signatures from majority of delegates in 7 states required to force vote: documents show signatures from Colo. Wash. Utah, Minn. Wyo. Maine, Iowa, Va., and Washington D.C. Signatures submitted to convention secretary NOTE: Politico says anti-Trump delegates unlikely to win v

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Matthew Walther's Cleveland Diary

CLEVELAND, Ohio—This is the first of a series of dispatches from the Republican National Convention. If you are interested in reading the rest of them, please check back at this space: you will not be able to keep up with me on Twitter.

This is why: On Friday, in between Lauds and Prime, I logged into my account and re-tweeted Sam Kriss before hopping into an Uber to my office.

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Donald Trump's simple, great message


CLEVELAND — From the moment he descended his glass escalator and transformed U.S. politics with his hostile takeover of the Republican Party, Donald Trump has been a big-picture, broad-brush candidate peddling a very simple, clear message. A simple message from a simple man.

Make America great again.

Oh yes, ...

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Herman Cain Reveals The Advice He Gave Donald Trump At Beginning Of Race [VIDEO]

Also says he would entertain job in Trump admin

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TechShop gets a new CEO

shop If you're into building stuff and making things and live near a major city, you might've heard of TechShop. Like a gym for DIY-geeks, the idea is that they buy and maintain all sorts of crazy expensive machinery — laser cutters, CNC mills, 3D printers, etc — and you pay them a monthly fee to access it. According to an email sent out to members and investors by… Read More

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