March 10, 2016

Mom Takes Deep Breath as Deaf Daughter Makes Chick-fil-A Order Using Sign Language — and Is Overjoyed Watching Cashier's Rare Response

"More businesses really need to try to make things a little bit easier for them because their lives are difficult enough."

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Clinton: to Use 'Every Legal Tool' On Valeant-Like Drug Pricing

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she'd prevent cos. like Valeant Pharmaceuticals from profiting on "greed." Clinton, at rally in Tampa, Fla., discusses campaign ad showing a woman who claimed her drug costs went to $14k/mo. from $200/mo. because of Valeant (VRX) Clinton says Valeant bought co. that made drug then "once they got a hold of it, they increased the price" "It's an outrage" Earlier: Valeant: Some Documents Withheld on Attorney-Client Privilege; Valeant Withheld D

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SPLT brings ridesharing to you and your colleagues

5114308350_cc6d25a82a_o SPLT is bringing ridesharing to the corporate world. Instead of pairing you up with strangers who happen to be heading the same way, SPLT is targeted at large organizations to help ease the logistical and environmental impact of ping-ponging back and forth between the home and the workplace. The company also aims to maximize the side-effects of its service, such as encouraging mentor sessions. Read More

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Morning Joe: We're Analysts, Not Cheerleaders for Donald Trump

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Company owner requires workers to have firearm at the office

ATLANTA (AP) - The decision by the owner of a small insurance company to require his employees to carry firearms at the office has sparked a debate: Would having a gun on the job make you safer, or is it inviting violence into the workplace?

Lance Toland said his three ...

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Trump's 'Clean Living' Is Literally Inspiring 'Heavy Drug Users' To Get Sober

'Trump has inspired me through his high energy, amazing spirit, and clean living.'

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Obama Seeks High Court Nominee Who Won't 'Leave People Out'

"Our system's not going to work."

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Will Life-Sized Noah's Ark Replica Help Prove the Bible's Authenticity?

"There's nothing else like it anywhere in the world."

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Wikipedia's new iOS app focuses on discovery, personalization

wikipedia-ios Wikipedia today launched an upgraded version of its iOS application aimed at helping users better discover content matching their own interests, including both articles and images. In addition, the app has been optimized for Apple's newer OS and latest iPhones (6s and 6s Plus) with support for 3D Touch and Spotlight Search integrations. This is the latest in a series of efforts from… Read More

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Pennsylvania GOP Says Democratic Governor Stonewalling Open Records Requests

Pennsylvania Republicans say that their attempts to get a hold of Democrat Katie McGinty's emails from her time as Gov. Tom Wolf's chief of staff are being stonewalled by the Wolf administration.

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Legislature approves bill codifying 'Obamacare' into law

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Indiana's GOP-controlled Legislature has approved a bill that would codify into law Gov. Mike Pence's statewide expansion of Medicaid under President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

The measure was approved on a 65-35 vote Thursday. It now goes to Pence's desk.

Indiana's expansion of Medicaid is called ...

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Ex-Gawker Editor: I'd Publish A Sex Tape Of A Five-Year-Old

Said during Hulk Hogan sex tape trial

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Obama: Don't Blame Me for Donald Trump's Rise

"I'm not going to validate some notion that the Republican crackup that is taking place is a consequence of actions I've taken."

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'I'm Fighting All the Way Through': Marco Rubio Has No Plans to Suspend His Campaign Ahead of the Florida Primary

"I am fighting all the way through. We're going to win Florida."

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Obama Says Republicans Have Selves to Blame Over Party `Crackup'

President Barack Obama said Republicans should look in the mirror to assign blame for tumult and rancor in their presidential nomination process.

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Yext sees $88.8 million revenue, 48% growth for location data

Yext Graphic B New York-based Yext, which helps businesses manage their listings for store locations, is announcing $88.8 million in revenue for its fiscal 2016 year. The company says this is a 48% increase from last year and in the past month they have passed a $100 million run rate, or annualized revenue. Yext recently added Google to its PowerListings network, which means that clients can update their… Read More

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Barack Obama Was Furious At Hillary Clinton For Criticizing His 'Don't Do Stupid S**t' Foreign Policy Doctrine

President Barack Obama reportedly was furious at his former secretary of state Hillary Clinton for strongly criticizing his self-declared foreign policy doctrine of "don't do stupid s**t" and his decision not to intervene in the Syrian civil war, according to an article published Thursday in The Atlantic.

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Larry Hogan, Maryland governor, offers supplemental budget for education, drug treatment

ANNAPOLIS | Gov. Larry Hogan introduced a third supplemental budget Thursday to provide additional money for K-12 education, college projects and heroin treatment, funding Democratic priorities that were left out of his initial budget.

"Education has and always will be a top priority for our administration, and moving forward with ...

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Group Launches Ad Campaign To Stop Obama's Overreach Into Medicare Advantage [VIDEO]

'Like a recurring nightmare, millions of seniors are once again facing Medicare cuts'

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The Reason a Law School Graduate Is Suing Her Alma Mater May Have You Shaking Your Head in Disbelief

"Lawyers for the school contend that Alaburda didn't work hard enough to secure employment, and that she turned down a job offer from a law firm following her graduation."

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He's Been Called One of the Most Influential Pastors of the Past 50 Years. And This Is the Greatest Cultural Crisis He Says America Faces.

"Fundamentally spiritual."

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UK surveillance powers bill could force startups to bake in backdoors

backdoor While the Apple vs FBI court battle has draw all eyes to the question of what should be considered 'reasonable assistance' for companies to provide law enforcement agencies, over in the UK the government is attempting to enshrine in law surveillance capabilities that would enable state agencies to compel even very small startups to bake insecurities into their systems in order to… Read More

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Iran Rebuilds, Arms Stolen U.S. Spy Drone

Iranian military leaders announced Thursday that they had successfully reproduced and improved a U.S. sentinel spy drone, one of which was downed and captured in Iranian territory in 2011.

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Mom shot by 4-year-old apparent gun rights advocate

MIAMI (AP) - A northeast Florida woman whose 4-year-old son accidentally shot her in the back while they were traveling in her pickup truck is apparently a gun lover who made numerous social media postings about gun rights.

A community Facebook page listed under Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense was ...

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Kaley Cuoco's Incredibly Scandalous Outfit Was For A Good Cause

Yes, even the fishnets

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'It's Not Too Late, Rush': Glenn Beck Responds to Limbaugh's Claim That He's a 'Scapegoat' for Trump's Rise

"I don't see where they have actually engaged in the behavior they demand that I engage in."

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TV Show's Revelation About Dustin Hoffman's Roots Brings the Actor to Tears

"This is the hero of your family tree."

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Trump defends the brand

(Scott Johnson) Trump made a statement and took questions to claim victory in Tuesday's primaries (video below. The event was staged at the Trump International Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida. The Trump brand of course looms large in his legend. Trump devoted a lot of time in his statement to speaking up for the success of the ventures carrying his name. I found his performance to be utterly bizarre. It was also

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3 pitfalls that can sink any crowdfunded hardware startup

pitfalls You might have noticed something puzzling if you've been keeping an eye on the crowdfunding space: A large number of seemingly promising crowdfunded hardware startups fail to deliver. The list of high-profile stumbles includes Zano, Kreyos and Jolla, to name a few. Then there are campaigns like the Skarp Razor, which is almost certain to not meet backer expectations — assuming… Read More

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Task Force Proposes Harvard Expel Students Who Join All-Male Clubs

A task force charged with examining sexual assault at Harvard University is recommending that the school bar students from joining its all-male final clubs, blaming the single-sex organizations for perpetuating a "harmful sexual culture" on campus.

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Marco Rubio: 'My kids were embarrassed by' attacks on Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio of Florida said he regrets going against his core beliefs and attacking rival Donald Trump on a personal level.

"At the end of the day, you know it's not something I'm entirely proud of," the Florida senator told MSNBC during a town hall Wednesday, NBC ...

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Chilean 'Caravan of Death' Leader Dead At 94

Served under dictator General Augusto Pinochet

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See the Bold Way Public School Students Are Reacting to Atheists' Demand That a Pastor Stop Leading Lunchtime Prayers

"It is unconstitutional."

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'That Was Weak, Sniveling Political Wavering': GOP Governor Confronted in Contentious 'Morning Joe' Interview Over Trump Islam Comment

"He choose to be weak. And so, we had him leave the show."

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Obama Says Libya Is a 'Mess' Due to Europe, Gulf Failure to Help

In an interview with The Atlantic magazine, the president blamed the country's divisions and lack of support from European and Gulf allies for the mission's failure.

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Morning Joe: Hillary Clinton Has Messaging Problem That Is Exposing Her Weaknesses

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Donald Trump: Obama has 'done very, very poorly for African-Americans'

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump seemed a bit surprised Thursday that African-Americans aren't more insulted and angry over what President Obama has done for the black community in the United States.

"I've always been able to bring people together," Mr. Trump said on CNBC. "And we right now, believe it ...

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America's Oldest Catholic University Elects Its First Muslim Student Government President

'What we need worldwide'

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On Heels of Deadly Knife Attacks, Pro-Palestinian Campus Protesters Interrupt Israeli Speaker With Chants of 'Allahu Akbar' and 'Long Live the Intifada'

Many of the protesters wore Palestinian keffiyeh headscarves, Islamic hijab headscarves and beards associated with devout Muslims.

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Donald Trump: 'I Think Islam Hates Us"

"There's a tremendous hatred. We have to get to the bottom of it."

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Instacart and Whole Foods confirm expanded relationship, plans for expansion

grocery_being_delivered_instacart Whole Foods and Instacart this morning confirmed the grocery chain's extended, strategic relationship with same-day delivery service and announced plans to expand into several new markets over the course of the year. News of Whole Foods' financial investment and deepened partnership with Instacart was previously leaked back in February. The report also noted that the new… Read More

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Man gets second plea hearing over noose on Ole Miss statue

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - A judge has set a second guilty plea hearing for a man federal prosecutors say placed a noose on the University of Mississippi's statue of its first black student.

A federal court filing shows that Austin Reed Edenfield is scheduled to waive indictment and plead guilty ...

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US 'Fairly Certain' It Killed Top ISIS Leader … For The Fifth Time

Hopefully this terrorist doesn't have nine lives

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Salesforce-Microsoft love grows with SalesforceIQ-Outlook integration

Marc Benioff and Satya Nadella Salesforce announced today that its SalesforceIQ intelligence product now integrates with Microsoft Outlook, which happens to be the most used business email program on the planet with over 400 million users on alone. The product being released today is called SalesforceIQ Inbox for Outlook. It's a bit of a mouthful, but the point is that it takes that existing Inbox product… Read More

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