October 9, 2016

Fact Check: Trump Says Clinton Will Raise Middle-Class Taxes

"She's raising your taxes really high. She is raising your taxes and I'm lowering your taxes. That in itself is a big difference," Donald Trump says in second presidential debate w/ Hillary Clinton. Clinton says "nobody who makes less than 250K a year... will have their taxes raised." NOTE: Clinton hasn't proposed an income-tax rate cut for the middle-class, though she has proposed benefit programs and tax breaks that would help such families with the costs of education, child care and caring fo

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Trump Wins

(John Hinderaker) Some of the rats might want to consider returning to the ship. Donald Trump came through pretty well tonight, mainly because the focus was on the issues. As long as issues are being discussed, Trump wins. The moderators came out of the box with questions about Trump's 2005 video, which many people expected to be the centerpiece of tonight's debate. The effort flopped, I thought. Bill and Hillary Clinton took

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Trump Won, I Guess?

I think Donald Trump won. He seemed more focused than in the first debate. He didn't go off the rails, as he easily could have given his … difficulties this week. He pushed back against the moderators—who were hopelessly biased; who managed to confirm every fear and hatred that the average GOP voter has about MSM types—and did a good job of highlighting the absurdity of Anderson and Martha's behavior.

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Trump challenges Clinton to spend her own money on campaign

Donald Trump challenged Hillary Clinton to spend her own money on her presidential campaign Sunday, saying it would give her some independence from her donors.

Mrs. Clinton, in the second presidential debate, had blasted the 2010 Citizens United court decision that opened the door to groups spending unlimited money to ...

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Reports: Rumors Swirl That Pence Wants Off The Ticket

He's feeling "low and concerned but soldiering on."

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Trump Steamrolls Bill Clinton's Past Behavior With Women

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Mike Pence urged by Libertarians to resign from GOP ticket, endorse Gary Johnson

A complicated presidential campaign gets even more so as traditional partisan barriers get muddled in the name of hybrid politics. The nation's third party is seeking an uncommon strategic alliance.

"At this point, there is no path forward for Donald Trump to win this race. And, as I'm sure you ...

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Clinton Falsely Claims No Classified Info 'Ended Up In The Wrong Hands'

'I have no security clearance'

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Samsung is reportedly temporarily halting production of the Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 A little over a month after issuing a recall of its high-end handset and at the end of weekend littered with numerous reports of malfunctioning replacement units, Samsung has reportedly suspended production on the Galaxy Note 7. In the wake of announcements by AT&T and T-Mobile that the carriers will halt sales of the phone, Korean news agency Yonhap is reporting that the electronics… Read More

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Trump Turns Attack on Bill Clinton in Deflecting From Video

Donald Trump dismissed his obscene and vulgar comments in a 2005 video as nothing more than "locker room talk" and turned to attack Hillary Clinton's husband, former president Bill Clinton.

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Billy Bush suspended by NBC for role in Donald Trump recording

NEW YORK — NBC has suspended "Today" show personality Billy Bush indefinitely for his role in the recently surfaced videotape of Donald Trump's crude conversation about women.

"Today" show Executive Producer Noah Oppenheim said in a memo that "there is simply no excuse for Billy's language and behavior on that ...

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Roseanne: Hollywood Went 'Berserk' On Me Because I Called Bill Clinton A Rapist

She's going off...

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Two carriers halt sales of the Galaxy Note 7 as reports of problematic replacements pile up

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 You know what? It might be time to just go ahead and trade in that new Galaxy Note 7 for something else entirely. Thankfully, most of the major carriers here in the US have made it fairly easily to trade the problematic handset in for a completely different phone. And AT&T and T-Mobile have since taken things a step farther by halting sales of the device as the US Consumer Product… Read More

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What If?

(Steven Hayward) I started noodling on a few "What if" thoughts about this long election cycle the other day, but the one on my mind this afternoon is this: What if the electoral college actually worked the way the framers intended—as a gathering of eminent citizens who would pick a good man to be president, rather than a Byzantine mechanism merely for channeling a popular majority? Remember, in most states you aren't

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Republican women stand by Donald Trump, blast those jumping ship over 'antique locker-room talk'

Elected female members of Republican Party's national governing body, joined by state GOP lawmakers and officials of county-level party officials are rallying to Donald Trump's side.

"I am still solidly behind Mr. Trump," said Minnesota state Sen. Carrie L. Rudd, a Republican. "Why are we even talking about locker-room comments ...

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What 'mobile' should mean for healthcare

Photo: Thierry Dosogne/Stone/Getty Images Ask a set of healthcare professionals about the future and they'll answer: "Mobile." But after a number of recent discussions with healthcare executives, I've noticed the industry is lacking a clear definition of what "mobile" really means. Read More

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Cape Breton Island, Canada, recruits Americans disgusted with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

CAPE BRETON ISLAND, Nova Scotia — Disgusted by Donald Trump? Repulsed by Hillary Clinton? For those dreading the outcome of the November presidential election, Canada wants you.

Denizens of Cape Breton Island, a visually stunning but population-starved Nova Scotia coastal retreat, are busily recruiting disaffected U.S. voters, urging them to ...

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Mexican Cops Team Up With Cartel To Kill Hundreds Near Texas

'36 policemen'

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The Fitbit Flex 2 can go in the pool with you

cz3a8490-1 Apple's latest Watch was met with great applause when the company announced in September the thing could take a dive in the pool and keep on ticking. But the price and other bells and whistles of the Watch might be too much for those just looking for a simple way to track steps, laps and calories. Enter Fitbit's Flex 2, which starts shipping tomorrow morning. It's a… Read More

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Continetti: Clinton's 'Open Borders' Remarks Provide Trump Strong Fodder at Debate

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Obama says Trump 'degrading women'

President Obama said Sunday that Donald Trump is "degrading women" with his campaign for president.

In his first public comments on lewd remarks made by the Republican nominee a decade ago, Mr. Obama told Democratic donors that Mr. Trump "puffs himself up by putting other people down."

He asked the ...

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Israeli Nuke Site Renamed After Dead Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Obama eulogized Nobel laureate Peres at his funeral in September

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Get Ready For Tonight's Debate By Enjoying Last Debate's 'Bad Lip Reading' [VIDEO]

Master debaters. Bipartisan comedy gold

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam wants Donald Trump to step down

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Tennessee Republican Gov. Bill Haslam is calling on Donald Trump to step down as the party's presidential nominee for his recently released comments about women.

Haslam issued a statement Sunday calling on Trump to remove himself and clear the way for Trump running mate Mike Pence ...

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Scott Baio Defends Trump's Off-Mic Comments: Critics Should 'Grow Up' [VIDEO]

'Trump was a Democrat, so doesn't he deserve a pass'

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Confessions of a lifelong Republican entrepreneur

Sean Ammirati has many identities: serially successful start-up entrepreneur, Carnegie Mellon University professor, VC at Birchmere Ventures, best-selling writer and lifelong Republican.  He certainly proud of the first four of these identities. But the fifth thing – his status as a lifelong Republican – is now causing him severe embarrassment. The Grand Old Party of Lincoln… Read More

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Reporters Publicly Beg Ex-'Apprentice' Producer To Leak Trump Dirt

After journalists learned that a former "Apprentice" producer is sitting on more hot mic moments from GOP presidential contender Donald Trump, they are swarming like flies. One thing that is for certain: They are out for blood — Trump's blood. The media, meanwhile, is confused by Trump's call to leave his press pool in the dust ahead of the […]

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Industrial robots will replace manufacturing jobs — and that's a good thing

Photo: Echo/Getty Images There is no denying that the U.S. and Canada have been losing jobs to offshore competition for almost half a century. From 2000-2010 alone, 5.6 million jobs disappeared. Interestingly, though, only 13 percent of those jobs were lost due to international trade; 85 percent of job losses stemmed from "productivity growth" — another way of saying machines replacing human workers. Read More

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Trump Should Stay in Race, Majority of Voters Polled by ABC Say

57% percent of potential polled voters say GOP nominee Donald Trump should remain in U.S. presidential race after release of video showing him talking about women in degrading terms, ABC News reported, citing its own rapid-response poll. 43% said he should drop out Poll sampled 242 people aged 18+ over 8.5-hr period Oct. 7-8; margin of error +/- 8.3ppts 53% say less likely to vote for him, 46% said it makes no difference, 2% said more likely to vote for him 62% of women less likely to vote for h

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Follow Tonight's Debate at Power Line Live

(John Hinderaker) Tonight's presidential debate will begin at 9 p.m. Eastern. It will be televised by just about everybody except NBC, which will carry Sunday Night Football. The debate will be at Washington University, will be in a town hall format, and will be moderated by Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper. One way or another, news will be made tonight. It could be one of the strangest evenings in recent history. Will

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Caption This: Trump On The Phone With Pence Today

"Look, Mike, don't worry. This is no big deal. It's not like women can vote anyway… What? Really? When did THIS happen?" (Image courtesy of Kellyanne Conway)

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Tesla to unveil "unexpected" new product October 17

PALO ALTO, CA - NOVEMBER 05: A sign is posted at a Tesla showroom on November 5, 2013 in Palo Alto, California. Tesla will report third quarter earnings today after the closing bell. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Tesla will unveil something on Monday October 17, according CEO and founder Elon Musk. It'll be a new product, he said in a Tweet on Sunday, which will be "unexpected by most," and which will be separate from a Tesla/SolarCity product unveiling on the 28th. Would also like to correct expectations that Tesla/SolarCity will need to raise equity or corp debt in Q4. Won't… Read More

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