March 5, 2016

Can you take the Internet out of the Internet of Things?

disconnected The Internet of Things and the Internet might seem inextricably linked, but, increasingly, there are questions centered around how IoT devices should work with one another — and what happens when the Internet connection goes down? Read More

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The Latest: Cruz will collect at least 17 Kansas delegates

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Latest on the 2016 presidential campaign, with voters in five states getting their say Saturday in nominating contests (all times Eastern Standard Time):

6:03 p.m.

Ted Cruz will collect at least 17 delegates for winning the Republican caucuses in Kansas, and Donald Trump will win at ...

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Ted Cruz Coasts In Kansas Caucus

Trump led recent polls

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Ted Cruz Wins Running Away in CPAC Straw Poll — Trump Distant Third

Cruz carried 40 percent of the vote…

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Cruz Wins Kansas in GOP Battle for Delegates

"I believe that he is a true fighter for conservatives."

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Cruz Wins CPAC Straw Poll of Presidential Contenders

Ted Cruz wins 40% of the vote in CPAC straw poll. Marco Rubio tallies 30%, Donald Trump 15%, John Kasich 8% S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley, Kasich, Carly Fiorina were top choices of attendees for vice president Link to straw poll results NOTE: Results announced as Conservative Political Action Conference wrapping up annual meeting outside Washington

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Saturday Caucus Results: Cruzing to Victory? (Updated Periodically)

(Steven Hayward) The caucuses have concluded in Kansas (2 pm local time) and the votes are starting to come in. Cruz has an early large lead, and given his campaign's emphasis on organizing in caucus states I wouldn't be surprised to see him win big there. There's one report in Twitter that someone has called it for Cruz already, but I can't seem to confirm this elsewhere. Here's one local news link

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Couple arraigned on federal harboring immigrant charges

DETROIT (AP) - A suburban Detroit restaurant owner and his wife have been arraigned on harboring immigrants for commercial advantage and private financial gain charges that stemmed from a fire that killed five employees.

Roger Tam and Ada Lei appeared Friday in federal court in Detroit.

The Detroit News reports ...

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Seven Virginia Schools Face Robocall Bomb Threats

"We're averaging nationally somewhere between eight to ten bomb threats a day."

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Marco Rubio: Conservative Principles Solve Problems, Not Anger or Fear

"The stakes could not be higher because the future of the greatest nation on earth is at stake."

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Cruz Seeks Trump Showdown With Bid to Knock Out Rubio in Florida

Ted Cruz is campaigning aggressively to deny Marco Rubio any chance of a home state win in Florida's Republican primary, in the hopes of knocking his rival out of the race so the Texan is left as the party's sole challenger to billionaire Donald Trump.

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Prosecutors: Gyrocopter pilot nearly collided with airplane

A Florida man who flew a small gyrocopter through protected Washington airspace before landing outside the U.S. Capitol last spring was seconds away from colliding with a Delta flight that had taken off from Reagan National Airport, prosecutors said.

In a court filing Friday, prosecutors said Douglas Hughes flew his ...

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Member Of Notorious Anti-Gay Church Won't Back Trump Because He's Too 'Fringe'

Phelps family member is a registered Democrat

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Cops Helps 2-Year-Old Put On Pants After She Called 911

It was a fashion emergency.

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Glenn Beck Says Media So Badly Misreported His On-Air Remarks That Secret Service Showed Up to His Texas Studios

"If I was close enough and I had a knife. Really. I mean the stabbing just wouldn't stop."

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Things To Know: What got done, what didn't in Salem

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - The Oregon Legislature has wrapped up its legislative session, and during its 32-day duration, lawmakers passed about 120 of the 248 bills that were initially introduced.

The most significant pieces of approved legislation place Oregon at the forefront of national debates on issues of low-wage workers ...

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Pope Francis Addresses 'Arab Invasion' Of Europe

A threat to cultural values

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Insane Road Rage Fight Unfolds in Street as Man Drags Passenger Out of Truck — and Keep Your Eye on Female Driver

The video shows two men fighting, but soon they are joined by a third — a woman who wasting no time kicking and throwing punches.

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The Line That Earned Marco Rubio Roaring Applause, Standing Ovation at CPAC

"They won't have a chance…"

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Republicans Vote in Four States After Party Rupture Over Trump

Five U.S. states hold contests on Saturday, the first test of voter sentiment since a public rupture within the Republican Party this week that pitted supporters of real estate mogul Donald Trump against a collection of establishment figures trying to block his path to the 2016 presidential nomination.

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3 signs you'll soon be attending a coding bootcamp at your college

dev bootcamp It all started as an alternative to the traditional college education. Now they've caught the eyes of deans across the country. Coding bootcamps have been a trending topic in higher education as their focus on job readiness and generous starting salaries has garnered the attention of both college students and career switchers — but those aren't the only groups that have… Read More

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Does Hillary Clinton Stand for Anything?

(Steven Hayward) Well if John can ask about Trump, why not ask the same question about Hillary. And the answer is: Yes—she believes in advancing Hillary Clinton. I'm sure deep down inside she's still the Alinsky-loving leftist she was as a college student, but like her priapic husband she cares most about her own power and status, which means she'll "triangulate" any way she has to in order to maintain political support

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CPAC: Marco Rubio dings Donald Trump's conservative credentials

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is not surprised that Donald Trump pulled out of his appearance at annual Conservative Political Action Conference, suggesting the New York billionaire and GOP presidential front-runner is not a conservative.

Asked about Mr. Trump's absence, Mr. Rubio said, "This is the American Conservative Union, and ...

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Hillary Has Awkward Exchange When One Of Bill's Accusers Is Referenced By Black Clergy

'There are a lot of Flowers.'

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The Reason Hillary Clinton Thinks She's the 'Most Transparent Public Official in Modern Times — as Far as I Know'

"This is not anything people should be worried about."

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Officer Famously Known as 'Cajun John Wayne' Turns in His Badge in Protest During Surprise News Conference

The former public information officer said Saturday that his decision came after Sheriff Bobby Guidroz gave him orders he could not follow.

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Oh, the places you can go with Google Street View

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.11.43 PM Google Street View uses in-house data-capturing tech that lets you see the world from the comfort of your own device. GSV allows us to see not only photos of certain gems on the planet, but provides new perspectives that only its cameras can capture. Read More

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The Latest: Trump says he 'turned plane around' for Kansans

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - The Latest on the 2016 presidential caucuses in Kansas. (all times Central Standard Time):

10:50 a.m.

Donald Trump told thousands of supporters at a Wichita rally Saturday that he had turned his plane around to come to Kansas in advance of the Republican presidential caucuses.

Trump ...

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Feds Investigate Glenn Beck For Trump Threat

'I am in the odd situation of defending my boss for threatening my life'

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American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp Says This Is Why Donald Trump Really Bailed on CPAC

"At the end, they just didn't want to follow those rules."

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Federal appeals court to reconsider Maryland gun control law

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - A federal appeals court will reconsider a Maryland ban on semiautomatic high-capacity assault weapons.

The Washington Post reports ( the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit announced Friday that it'll rehear a case involving the state's 2013 ban, which prohibits the possession or sale ...

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David Brock: 'Trump Is The Last Stand Of The Angry White Man'

'Should Trump be the Republican nominee, the prospect of a record-setting gender gap is, well, huuuge'

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Michigan Sheriff Uses Own Money to Adorn Patrol Cars With This Popular American Phrase

"It's just the right thing to do."

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The Dark Ages of Austin startup capital

austin skyline, black and white An Austin-based venture capital firm recently offered my company $400,000 for 40 percent of its equity. This was one week before their counterpart in the Bay Area offered $2 million for 20 percent of the same company. Nothing had changed in that week, and both received the same pitch and deck in the weeks prior. Read More

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HILARIOUS! Celebrities Reading MEAN TWEETS

tweets2Brutal Tweets Make For Good Fun

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A word from Edmund Burke

(Scott Johnson) In the spirit of Steve Hayward's occasional blasts from the past, I offer these words that have been going around in my head over the past week: Men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains upon their own appetites, — in proportion as their love of justice is above their rapacity, — in proportion as their soundness and sobriety of understanding is

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5 more states ready to chip in delegates; GOP, Dems hold last-minute rallies

WASHINGTON (AP) — Five more states are chipping in verdicts on the Republican and Democratic presidential contests in races largely overshadowed by Super Tuesday and the big contests still to come. Yet candidates eager to gather enough support to snag their party's nomination — or at least stay relevant — ...

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Hillary Clinton Sketches Her Strategy To Crush Donald Trump In Incessant Fundraising Emails

'Love and kindness can trump hatred and bigotry'

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Family of American Missing in Iran Plans Florida Rally

If Levinson remains alive, he has been held captive longer than any American.

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Man in Charge of Demolishing OJ Simpson's Estate Calls Knife Discovery 'A Joke'

"Jokingly, I said I was looking for the knife."

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MIT spin-out Thunkable hopes its drag-and-drop app builder can be a money-spinner too

apps Bagging lots of users is a challenge one of the startups in Y Combinator's 2016 winter batch is worrying about a bit less than the average. The two-man strong founder team of Thunkable is coming from the rather more comfortable position of already having fostered a community over four million strong — thanks to the drag-and-drop app builder interface they helped developed at MIT… Read More

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STUNNING: North Korea Puts Nukes On Standby For Launch

unKIM! Step away from the nukes.

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On the war between hacker culture and codes of conduct

conduct-unbecoming Did you know that a Code of Conduct war is underway in the world of open-source software development? I realize that this sounds ridiculous. Codes of Conduct boil down to: "a) don't be an asshole, b) this is how we define 'asshole' around these parts". Who could argue with that? And yet this has become eruptively controversial — and with good reason. Read More

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Parents Hold Emergency Board Meeting After Hearing of High School's 'Diversity Day' Event

"My daughter doesn't want to go here anymore. She wants to go to cyber-school."

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Live from Omaha, it's Bill Clinton

(Scott Johnson) The Clinton death march back to the White House continues. Appearing in advance of the Nebraska caucuses today, Bill Clinton campaigned yesterday on behalf of Madam Hillary in Omaha and Lincoln. The Clinton death march back to the White House continues. The Omaha World-Herald reports here. Clinton also campaigned in Lincoln. The Lincoln Journal Star report is here. Omaha attorney David Begley reports from Omaha below. I have taken the

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U.S. Man Says Would Be 'Lucky Discovery' if Part He Found is From Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet

He had wanted no publicity about his discovery until after the piece was assessed by investigators, but that news of the finding leaked.

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A Disappointing Ode to Stephen King

The relatively new proximity of geek culture to the mainstream puts the old guard of nerd-dom in a difficult position. Do they continue to cling to the false idea that their interests get no mainstream respect, or do they reorient themselves to the fact that sometime around the release of Episode I their revenge was utterly, utterly complete?

The Stephen King Companion by George Beahm is written as if most of the past 20 years of pop culture didn't happen.

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An Overdue Prog Rock Post

(Steven Hayward) Okay, this is a post about two of my favorite things: Prog rock and Hitler parody videos! I wish I had done this one, but I didn't, and it is genius. But only if you know your 70s prog rock scene really well. Otherwise it will be a complete bore, and you should move on now. But for the rest of us. . . (It's worth it for the "Olias

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At 75, Millvale church murals gaining new admirers

MILLVALE, Pa. (AP) - As she grew up attending daily and Sunday Mass six days a week at St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church in the 1950s and 1960s, Diane Novosel and her classmates were surrounded by paintings they found baffling and haunting.

And no wonder. Of what they could see ...

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Amazon says it will bring device encryption back to Fire OS

Amazon Preview Summer FireTV Fire HD Less than a day after it emerged that Amazon had quietly dropped device encryption support for its Fire tablets and other Fire OS devices, the U.S. firm has flip-flopped and said that it will restore the feature. Read More

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