August 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton Hasn't Held A Press Conference In 260 days

260 days

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Conservative College Students Lay Out Why They Resisted Liberal Indoctrination

'Battle tank'

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'Intersex' Athlete Wins Gold Medal In Women's 800M

Personal best.

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Trump Says Virginia Lining Up 'Violent Felons' to Back Clinton

Donald Trump criticized Democratic Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe for readying a plan to restore voting rights to 13,000 of the state's convicted felons.

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"Trump 2.0" can't just be better speeches

(Paul Mirengoff) In a pair of posts, John has praised a pair of speeches by Donald Trump — one in Wisconsin and the other in North Carolina. And rightly so; they are good speeches. John says the Wisconsin speech contains the message that will win Trump the presidency if voters hear it. The proviso is important because, as John points out, the Democratic Party media will do everything possible to prevent Trump's

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Donald Trump taps into populism, nationalism in Virginia

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump hammered home his new populist and nationalist message at a rally Saturday, telling voters that he's fighting for all Americans and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton is in it for political insiders.

"It is going to be a new day in America. ...

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Pro-Hillary SuperPAC Loses Donations In July

Down from $11.9 million

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Paving the way for the autonomous truck

Truck on the road Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are progressing technology in the trucking industry and helping to pave the path to fully autonomous trucks. Read More

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Clinton Visits Tons Of Places, None Of Which Are Flood-Wracked Louisiana

Hillary will be your 'Friend' for $250

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Trump Meets With New Hispanic Council in Bid to Broaden Support

Donald Trump and members of his campaign team met Saturday in New York with a newly convened Hispanic advisory board as the Republican presidential nominee looks for ways to broaden his support after making criticism of immigrants a centerpiece of his campaign.

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Minneapolis does Trump

(Scott Johnson) Donald Trump came to Minneapolis for a fundraiser at the Minneapolis Convention Center last night and a riot broke out. Under one-party DFL rule Minneapolis has changed considerably for the worse. The vaunted Minnesota nice is out. The Star Tribune is out to lunch. DFL thug life is in. You can get a glimpse of the story on television news — e.g., KARE 11's blunt report (video below on "a

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Kurt Bardella, former Breitbart spokesman, blasts new Trump campaign chief Bannon as 'dictator'

Former Breitbart News spokesman Kurt Bardella lashed out Friday against Donald Trump's recent hiring of the website's general chairman, Stephen Bannon, and said the Republican candidate's newly appointed presidential campaign chief promotes an agenda "that borders on anarchism."

Mr. Bardella, who represented the conservative news site for two years before ...

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Donald Trump takes heat over latest plea to black voters: 'What the hell do you have to lose?'

Donald Trump drew new criticism from opponents this weekend over comments he said during a campaign stop outside Detroit on Friday where he asked for the support of black voters.

"Look at how much African-American communities are suffering from Democratic control. To those I say the following: What do you ...

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MORE: Priorities USA, Clinton Super-Pac, Raises $9.3M in July

Priorities USA, the main super-PAC supporting Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, raised $9.3m in July, bringing its total raised for the 2016 election cycle to $110m, according to its latest filing with the Federal Election Commission.

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Developing a global financial architecture

Aerial view of city skyscrapers forming dollar symbol The movement of capital around the globe is of paramount importance to an increasingly globalized society. As companies, workers and jobs become more fluid across permeable borders, it will become increasingly necessary to move money freely without arduous costs or constraints. Yet no comprehensive solution exists today that resolves the issues damming the flow of capital across borders. Read More

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Protesters Punch, Push, Scream At Trump Fundraiser Attendees

Old man gets punched repeatedly

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Priorities USA Action, Clinton Super-Pac, Raises $9.3M in July

Political-action committee says it has more than $38m in cash. Group comments on fund-raising Saturday in e-mail

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1994 Massachusetts law at center of assault weapons clash

BOSTON (AP) - Nearly two decades ago, then-Gov. Paul Cellucci signed what he called one of the nation's toughest gun laws, including a ban on the possession or sale of assault weapons made after September 1994.

"Today, Massachusetts leads the way in cracking down on gun violence," the Republican said ...

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Gillmor Gang: Predictions

Gillmor Gang Artcard The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Frank Radice, Keith Teare, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, August 19, 2016. The Gang goes mobile as in cars, autocurated Twitter notifications, the real reason bots are important, and a tribute to the inventor of all things debated. Bye bye. @stevegillmor, @Scobleizer, @kevinmarks, @kteare, @fradice Produced and directed by @tinagillmor Read More

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Republican National Committee Says It Raised $27.2m in July

Committee says it has $34.5m on hand. Committee says $199.5m raised in cycle to date, w/out giving time frame for cycle Donations of $200 or less totaled 96%, cmte said; avg. donation in July was $105 Debt totals $7.7m, cmte said Republican Natl Committee comments on fund-raising in e-mail

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Imam's shooting death shakes storied immigrant neighborhood

NEW YORK (AP) - The shooting of an imam and his assistant near their New York mosque has unnerved Muslim residents of the Ozone Park section of Queens.

Police are still investigating a motive, but some residents say they are sure the killings were a hate crime aimed at the ...

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Media Portrays Violent Riots In Milwaukee As 'Unrest' And 'Frustrations'

'Unrest in a black community'

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Tom Steyer Puts $7m Into NextGen Climate Super-PAC

NextGen Climate, the environmentally-focused super-PAC founded by Tom Steyer, raised a little more than $7m in July, including donations from others, according to latest filing with Federal Election Commission. PAC spent $2.3m, and had cash on hand of $5.7m Related Story: April 25, Climate Activist Steyer Pledges $25 Million to Boost Youth Vote

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Hungry Venezuelans Raid Zoo For Food

(John Hinderaker) In socialist Venezuela, it has come to this: A gang in search of food broke into a zoo at night and butchered a horse for food, it has been reported. The shocking incident in Caracas has been held up as an example of the desperation of the Venezuelan people who are enduring a severe economic crisis. With looting and food shortages commonplace, it's been reported that several people forced their

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Repeal or retain? Election opens final act for 'Obamacare'

WASHINGTON (AP) - Election Day 2016 will raise the curtain on the final act in the nation's long-running political drama over President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

If Republican Donald Trump wins, the unraveling begins.

"We have an obligation to the people who voted for us to proceed with 'repeal ...

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1/3 Of UK Parents Bribe Their Kids With Alcohol

'34 percent of U.K. parents bribe their children with alcohol to encourage good behavior'

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The reality of VR porn

vr wireframe humans Is virtual reality porn merely an example of an industry — already known for early adoption of new tech — extending its market reach, or could the growing sophistication of the online porn experience have unforeseen social and psychological impacts? Read More

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Obama and Black Lives Matter AWOL in LA Floods

floodBlack lives only matter sometimes

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Experts: Small governments feel effects of corruption

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Ohio's state auditor says there's no statistically significant proof that government corruption occurs more frequently in smaller communities amid a rash of recent corruption charges, but notes those communities often feel the effects more than their larger counterparts.

State Auditor Dave Yost told The Columbus Dispatch ...

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New York Times Issues Ridiculous Anti-NRA Screed

NYT MYTH: Research shows the folly of [NRA's] "concealed carry" campaign to arm millions of ordinary citizens… Far from stopping mass shooters in their tracks, these gun owners have been shooting themselves, family members and others.

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Ads are bad, and also terrible

mad-men Every so often, I find myself forced to use the Web on a browser without uBlock or an equivalent; and every time, I think to myself "How do people live like this?" The un-ad-blocked web is a miserable cesspool of autoplaying video and hysterical calls to action, slow to load, hard to look at. It's even worse on your phone, where ads devour your battery life and up to 75% of… Read More

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CRB: No buyer for Breyer

(Scott Johnson) Stephen Breyer seems to me the ne plus ultra leftist progressive on the Supreme Court. I assume that's one of the reasons why Justice Scalia relished sparring with him. No left-wing dogma is beyond Breyer and he seeks to overlay the absurd with an intellectual patina. His interest in the United States Constitution approaches nullity. Indeed, to borrow an Athenian indictment, Justice Breyer seeks to introduce new gods to constitutional

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New York Values

If New York City had guided the country, America probably would not have rebelled against King George III. For that matter, if New York had set the national tone, the North probably would not have fought the Civil War, and the South would have been allowed to secede into the Confederacy. At least since the early 1900s, when New York overtook Boston to become the nation's largest cultural center, the city has prided itself on being the Great City of America. But the truth is that New York doesn't march comfortably alongside the rest of the country. The Pied Piper of Manhattan has never managed to make much of America follow.

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SEC looks into Hampton Creek's mayo buy back scheme

Hampton Creek The Securities and Exchange Commission has opened a preliminary inquiry into Hampton Creek after it was accused of running a secret project to buy up its own mayonnaise product from stores. Bloomberg, which first reported the news of the buybacks, now says the agency is looking at whether the startup inappropriately counted revenue from these purchases made with company money. The scheme is… Read More

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Criminal contempt case against Arpaio sent to another judge

PHOENIX (AP) - A federal judge wants another judge to decide whether metro Phoenix's sheriff and his top aide should be held in criminal contempt-of-court for ignoring court orders in a racial profiling case.

U.S. District Judge Murray Snow said in a ruling Friday that the judge in question will ...

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Crunch Report | Samsung Drops Galaxy Note 7

SolidEnergy, a startup out of MIT, is working on the next generation of Lithium batteries, Pandora is looking to launch on-demand music streaming, Samsung Drops the Galaxy Note 7 in 10 countries, Rakuten buys Bitnet, and video-call-your-doctor startup raises €6.1 million. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

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