September 27, 2016

New concealed carry bill despite governor's 2013 veto

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - A Republican state lawmaker plans to introduce legislation next session that would allow Utah residents to carry a hidden, unloaded gun without a permit - a plan Gov. Gary Herbert vetoed three years ago.

KUTV reports ( the proposal is being sponsored by Rep. Lee ...

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Pentagon Still Hasn't Looked At 'Long-Term Health Issues' Of Burn Pit

Burn pits 'may result in acute and chronic health effects'

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Democrats Block Stopgap Over Flint Ahead of Friday Deadline

Senate Democrats blocked Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's first effort to advance a stopgap spending measure Tuesday as the Kentucky Republican prepared a backup plan to avert a government shutdown.

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Judge tosses ethics complaint against 'citizen lobbyist'

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - A Missouri judge has thrown out a state ethics case against a man who describes himself as a "citizen lobbyist" because the complaint was filed by a group, instead of a natural person.

The Missouri Ethics Commission last September fined Ron Calzone $1,000 and ordered ...

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Clemson University Has A Fix Out For Harambe

I didn't like Harambe and I'm glad he's dead. Animals are dumb, and gorillas are certainly no exception. His life was less valuable than that of the little boy he tried to murder, and his current status as an Internet meme is much preferable to his previous status as a living, breathing creature taking up […]

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Occipital launches $500 dev kit to turn your iPhone into a room-scale tracked VR headset

vr-dev-kit-knockout For iOS or Mac users interested in VR, there isn't a lot you can do right now without migrating to the dark sides of Android or Windows. Occipital is aiming to get people on the iOS platform access to some more cool VR opportunities. Today, the company opened up a $500 development kit today that brings room-scale motion tracking to iOS (as well as Android) smartphones, Upload reports.… Read More

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FBI Gave Clinton Aide Limited Immunity to See Laptop, Comey Says

A former top aide to Hillary Clinton was given limited immunity as part of the FBI's investigation into the use of a private e-mail system so investigators could get access to the staffer's laptop, agency Director James Comey told a Senate committee.

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Michael Oren: An inconvenient truth

(Scott Johnson) Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren was in New York last week in connection with the doings at the United Nations. Oren's memoir is the invaluable Ally, which we interviewed him about on the Power Line podcast posted here. Oren is now a member of the Knesset from the Kulanu Party and deputy minister for diplomacy. During his visit last week Newsweek posted Oren's latest piece laying

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Clinton Privately Opposed Major U.S. Nuclear Upgrade

Hillary Clinton privately told supporters this year that she would likely scrap a major upgrade to the United States' nuclear weapons program, according to leaked audio of her remarks.

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Obama says debate showed Trump isn't prepared for presidency

President Obama said Tuesday that the first presidential debate showed Republican nominee Donald Trump "doesn't have the preparation, the temperament or the core values of inclusion" to lead the nation forward.

Interviewed on "On Air with Ryan Seacrest," Mr. Obama said he enjoyed watching from the White House "what was ...

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Judges Must Understand: Climate Rules Are Irrational

Most people across the world do not care about climate change.

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Avoid the startup graveyard

app-store-graveyard1 The startup world moves at breakneck speed — what's hot one minute is old news the next, and it can feel like the rules of the game change every day. For successful startups, rapid growth often attracts the attention of incubators and accelerators. However, there are other options. Namely, partnering with tech "titans" — bigger tech companies that used to be… Read More

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Go, fight, spin

Whether you were in the room where it happened or were one of the tens of millions who watched it on TV or a device, last night's debate at Hofstra University was a pivotal moment in this presidential race—but just how pivotal remains to be seen. What is more clear is that the sometimes-testy contest presented a clear contrast in the style, substance and tone of the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton seemed to get under her opponent's skin just minutes into the debate, weavin

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Congress Expected to Override Obama's Veto of 9/11 Saudi Bill This Week

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) confirmed the Senate will vote on Wednesday to override President Obama's veto of legislation that would allow the families of Sept. 11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia over its alleged links to terrorism.

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Joe Biden 'angry' that Donald Trump doesn't pay taxes

Vice President Joseph R. Biden said Tuesday that the first presidential debate showed Republican Donald Trump lacks the "moral center" to lead the nation.

Speaking at a rally for Democrat Hillary Clinton at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mr. Biden told students that Mr. Trump showed his callousness by boasting ...

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Leonardo DiCaprio Set To Speak With President Obama About Climate Change

'Exciting news'

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Udacity wants to get you a job in the nascent VR industry

Udacity produced a virtual reality course to teach users skills they need to gain employment in the VR industry. Udacity – the online school started by Google X founder and self-driving car pioneer Sebastian Thrun— is offering a new "nanodegree" online to prepare students for jobs in the still emerging industry of virtual reality. Udacity promises to give online learners with no prior programming experience the skills to create mobile phone and desktop-based virtual reality… Read More

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Former Ally: Gov. Christie Seemed Happy About Bridge Gridlock

David Wildstein testifies he told the governor about the traffic jam while it was underway and that Christie appeared happy about it.

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California Man Convicted After Trying to Join ISIS

A California man was sentenced to 30 years in prison on Monday after he committed bank fraud to pay for a plane ticket to Syria in an attempt to join the Islamic State, according to federal prosecutors.

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Donald Trump won the first presidential debate, CNBC, Time magazine online polls say

Two news organizations were quick to say their online polls conducted after the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are not scientific. But both surveys found that Donald Trump was perceived as the winner by respondents.

"The presidential debate is over and both candidates have made their ...

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Mosque Bombed In Germany, Police 'Assume A Xenophobic Motive'

No one is claiming responsibility

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Enterprise chat app Slack ties up with Salesforce in a deep platform partnership

4-unfurl-screenshot Slack — the popular enterprise chat app that now has 3 million users, 930,000 of them paying — is adding in another key integration as it continues to get more embedded with its customers. Today the company is turning on what it describes as a "deep product partnership" with Salesforce — an integration that will make it much easier for businesses to share… Read More

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Donald Trump Interrupted Hillary – Feminists Lose Their Minds

shouting-womanFeminists are not strong women

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Clinton: Anyone Who Blames Microphone Didn't Have Good Night

Hillary Clinton, speaking to reporters on her campaign plane, says she looks forward to more debates with Donald Trump and that she feels positive about her performance in their first one. ""Anybody who complains about the microphone is not having a good night" she says when asked to address Trump's complaint about bad microphone Clinton says debates help bring out policy differences Trump talks down America every chance he gets, she says "I think his demeanor, his temperament, his behavior on t

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Trump Wins Most Immediate Polls

(John Hinderaker) The consensus here at Power Line was that Donald Trump performed miserably last night. My verdict was a little less harsh, in part because I think he always performs miserably in debates, but it doesn't seem to matter. For those who are feeling despondent this morning, the Daily Mail offers a little good news. The newspaper collected screen shots of 19 "snap" polls conducted immediately after the debate, and in

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New Ad Slams Hillary Clinton's 'Bad Experience'

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Presidential debate winners and losers

NEW YORK – To the probable consternation of his critics, Donald Trump came off as authentic and, compared to Hillary Clinton, the more likable of two much-disliked presidential wannabes in their first head-to-head presidential debate Monday night.

An often poised and mostly self-assured former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ate her political ...

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The EPA's "Clean Power Plan": Executive Power Unhinged

The legacy of the Obama presidency will be claiming unilateral power to ignore laws passed by Congress.

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Arrow picks the Smart Cube smartlock as its first Indiegogo partner product

unnamed-1 A few months back Indiegogo and component provider Arrow announced a deal aimed at helping bring promising crowdfunding projects to market, providing hopeful campaigns with some much needed tools in those difficult months following funding. Smart Armor will be the first hardware startup to get that push for this morning's launch of the Smart Cube, a smartlock system that to can be adapted… Read More

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Trump Tax Plan Would Make 'Significant Debt Problem': Bernstein

Meeting challenges such as climate change going forward will require more govt revenue, not less, so Donald Trump's proposed tax cuts are "not going to get you very far," Jared Bernstein, senior fellow at Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, says on Bloomberg Radio. Says Trump has "identified a real problem" with globalization and loss of manufacturing jobs, but his solutions don't "make any sense at all" Trump team sprinkling "fairy dust" when they say they could add $1t to U.S. economy thro

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Report: White House Bars Pentagon From Talking About 'Competition' With China

The White House has reportedly barred the Defense Department from discussing military "competition" with China, telling leaders to scrap the wording in favor of something less provocative.

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Trump Reverses On Global Warming — It's 'Naturally Occurring,' Not A 'Hoax'

'We don't know what Hillary Clinton believes'

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The EFF calls on HP to remove DRM from its printers

HP logo The Electronic Frontier Foundation has called on HP to restore customer's ability to use third-party ink cartridges in its Office Jet printers. It is also urging consumers to sign a petition, which as of this posts's publication, has nearly 7,500 signatures. In an open letter to HP Inc. President and CEO, Dion Weisler, activist Cory Doctorow calls on the company to take five… Read More

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Clinton, Trump Spar Over Temperament, Judgment

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met in their first presidential debate Monday night as the conversation quickly turned personal over experience, temperament, and judgment. Bloomberg's Steve Yaccino reports on "Bloomberg 'GO'." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Podesta Falsely Claims Clinton Campaign Didn't Complain About Matt Lauer's Moderator Performance

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Mike Pence: Whole evening was an 'avalanche of insults' by Hillary Clinton

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said Tuesday he thought Donald Trump had a "great night" and showed restraint in the face of an "avalanche of insults" from Hillary Clinton at Monday's presidential debate.

"The whole evening was an avalanche of insults by Hillary Clinton," Mr. Pence, the GOP vice presidential nominee, ...

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Judging By These Facebook Numbers, Everyone Was Watching Donald Trump Debate Hillary Clinton

This many people were watching Trump debate Clinton..

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Watch Elon Musk reveal his plan for colonizing Mars right here

Elon Musk Elon Musk is giving a keynote speech at the International Astronautical Congress today, with an hour-long talk titled "Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species." The talk kicks off at 2:30 PM ET, and we'll be covering it to bring you all the details of Musk's plans to get humans to Mars (and beyond?). Musk doesn't just want us to touch the face of these… Read More

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