December 14, 2015

Krauthammer: Obama's Still 'Trying To Convince Us That We Are' Beating ISIS [VIDEO]

Says Obama is resorting to a Vietnam-era strategy

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Marco Rubio rallies supporters in Vegas day before debate

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio rallied supporters in Nevada a day before a debate in Las Vegas, saying President Barack Obama's policies on health care, national security and the environment were putting the American Dream further out of reach.

Campaign officials said about 300 people attended ...

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DC Mayor Appoints 'Rich Socialist' Head Of Jobs Training Board

'Will help take our workforce system to new heights'

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'It is Damn Near Criminal': Glenn Beck Says the U.S. is Using Islamic State as a 'Pawn'

"We are reaping what this out of control, immoral administration is sowing."

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Holiday Shopping Season For SMBs? Not So Much

blackfriday It's an established fact that Americans love to shop during the holidays. The frenzy of rushing to the local mall or Main Street to snap up the latest "Black Friday" deals is a time-honored tradition, and, in the last decade, so is shopping online on "Cyber Monday." We go on to joyously spend our way through the month of December until stores close on Christmas… Read More

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Joseph Dunford to update U.S. military's combat commands for 'fight of the future'

The nation's top military officer said on Monday that the Pentagon will revamp combat commands for the "fight of the future" because current "old plans" take too long to execute.

After two months as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford provided the first detailed ...

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Seattle Approves 'Groundbreaking' Uber Union Bill

'This bill was only introduced out of necessity'

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Atheists Claim That the Bible Calls for 'Killing Nonbelievers' — but These Pastors and Theologians Have a Tough Message for Them

"Talk about a mindless protest…"

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iPrice Raises $1.2M More For Its E-Commerce Service In Southeast Asia

iprice cash iPrice, the e-commerce startup that wants to be the gateway to online retail in Southeast Asia, is back in the money after disclosing a new $1.2 million financing round. Read More

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House Democrats Said to Be Open to Lifting Oil Export Ban

House Democrats are open to lifting the 40-year-ban on U.S. crude-oil exports and are negotiating with Republicans in hopes of extracting trade-offs in exchange for a top Republican priority, a Democratic leadership aide said Monday.

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Bernie Sanders struggles to buck Hillary Clinton bias in Iowa

Walt Pregler, the 81-year-old Democratic chairman of Dubuque County, Iowa, is a party activist, a proud union member and makes it his job every presidential season to turn out Democratic caucusgoers within his region.

He's just not going to be turning them out for Sen. Bernard Sanders.

"I'm a good ...

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Listia Isn't Just For Swapping Free Stuff Anymore

money cash Listia started out as a way for people to swap free stuff, but now its users can actually make money. The new feature takes advantage of Listia's existing system, where users give away their stuff in exchange for credits. Those credits, in turn, can be redeemed for other products on the marketplace, or for goods available through the Listia Rewards Program. Want to just take cash instead? Read More

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Ted Cruz Vaults to Big Iowa Lead, Popular 2nd Choice Too

Selzer and Co. President J. Ann Selzer discusses the findings of the latest Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll on "With All Due Respect."

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State Department: 'Difficult to Say Exactly What' Went Wrong in San Bernardino Visa Process

The post State Department: 'Difficult to Say Exactly What' Went Wrong in San Bernardino Visa Process appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

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Smuggled immigrants found in fake Border Patrol SUV

LAREDO, Texas (AP) - A dozen smuggled immigrants have been detained after being crammed into a fake Border Patrol SUV that was stopped by a real officer in Texas.

Border Patrol officials say they're investigating who made a white Chevy Tahoe look like a Border Patrol vehicle.

A Border Patrol ...

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Maine Responds To Questionable Federal Welfare Review

'It is difficult given some of their antagonistic behavior towards me'

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Poll: President Obama Isn't Tough Enough on Islamic State, Majority of Americans Want to Get Tougher

President Obama's strategy is not enough..

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The New $7M Xprize Focuses On Mapping The World's Oceans

Xprize Ocean Discovery The latest Xprize offers a total of $7 million for teams that advance ocean mapping technology. This is part of Xprize's broader ocean initiative, but Jyotika Virmani, senior director of ocean discovery, noted that the previous prizes focused on ocean cleanup and health. The initiative's overall goal is to ensure that the oceans remain "unhealthy, valued and… Read More

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Clinton Expands Lead Over Sanders in Hawkeye State

On "With All Due Respect," Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discuss the findings of a Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll that shows Hillary Clinton on top in Iowa.

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Auditor: EPA Broke Law, Engaged In 'Covert Propaganda' Using Social Media To Push Water Rule

As the Environmental Protection Agency was attempting to conjure support for a controversial water rule pushed by President Obama, they violated federal law by using "covert propaganda" from their use of social media accounts.

The post Auditor: EPA Broke Law, Engaged In 'Covert Propaganda' Using Social Media To Push Water Rule appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

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Professor Aims To Turn Elementary Students Into Social Justice Warriors

'Learn about social movements, raise awareness, and engage in activism'

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'Europe Is Gone,' World Is Heading Toward 'Global War': Glenn Beck's Warning After a Week in the Middle East and Sweden

"Those are the things that are going to take us safely home again."

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White House Praises Heavily Subsidized First Solar as Beneficiary of Paris Climate Agreement

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Clinton to Call for Citizenship Fee Waiver in Immigration Speech

Hillary Clinton will support expanding fee waivers to people eligible for citizenship in speech at National Immigrant Integration Conference in Brooklyn, campaign official says in e-mail. The Democratic presidential candidate will also express support for increasing access to English language programs and information about citizenship process Earlier today, Clinton met with Long Island, N.Y., family that included Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, beneficiary NOTE: Clinton supports

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being John Kerry

(Steven Hayward) NBC's Chuck Todd asked our sainted secretary of state, the French-looking John Kerry (who served in Vietnam, as James Taranto reminds us) how we're going to enforce a global climate "agreement" that has no legally binding provisions beyond a schedule for more meetings to party on. His answer: "Public shaming." Cue the snorts of hypocrisy. Here, according to Google, are photos of Kerry's five homes: Now you'd think with the

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The Case For An Emphasis On Traffic Management

shutterstock_283615940 Smart cities. Teletopia. Quantified communities. Whatever label you prefer, the concept of cities utilizing information and communication technologies (ICT) to create connected communities is an increasingly popular one, gaining more and more attention from city planners and urban developers. Read More

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Duckworth Wins Major Union Endorsement in Illinois

A powerful Illinois union with deep ties to Chicago Democratic politics endorsed Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D., Ill.) in the Democratic Senate primary on Monday.

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Watchdog group calls rules cited by Walker's office improper

MILWAUKEE (AP) - A Wisconsin open government group filed a complaint Monday against the state's Public Records Board, saying it improperly approved changes that Gov. Scott Walker's administration has used to deny requests for text messages and records of visits to the governor's mansion.

Bill Lueders, president of the Wisconsin ...

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EPA Can't Explain Why It Paid Contractors $545,000 In Bonuses

'The agency overpaid approximately $6,000 over the last 21/2 years'

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Tennessee Woman Faces Charges of Attempted First-Degree Murder for Botched Self-Abortion

A henious crime..

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MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Stuns With Detailed Explanation of Why She Believes 'Star Wars' Is 'Racist'

"(W)hile he was black, he was terrible and bad and awful and used to cut off white men's hands."

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You're In Trouble If This Pee-Powered Energy System Leaks

105162_web Professor Ioannis Ieropoulos of the Bristol BioEnergy Centre at the University of the West of England has created a bioenergy system that uses urine circulated by your footsteps to power wearable electronics. The system uses energy generators called a microbial fuel cells. They use microbe growth in waste fluids to power small devices like cellphones and lights. A mechanical pump moves urine… Read More

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Hogan Gidley Replacing Alice Stewart on Huckabee Campaign

Hogan Gidley, former executive director of HuckPac, will handle media operations for Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, following resignation of communications director Alice Stewart, according to e-mail statement from campaign. Earlier: Huckabee's Communications Director Resigns From Campaign: Fox

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Asia Times: Access vs. Anti-Access: China, US Posture in Anti-Ship Missile Face Off

The People's Liberation Army last month disclosed new details about its new intermediate-range anti-ship ballistic missile known as the DF-26.

The post Asia Times: Access vs. Anti-Access: China, US Posture in Anti-Ship Missile Face Off appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

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Trump supporters shrug off the fuss, say he gets it

GREER, S.C. (AP) - The fuss over Donald Trump seems largely lost on many of those who support him. Where his critics see bigotry, they see common sense.

At Rosie's Hotdogs in upstate South Carolina, Tracy Hooker isn't interested in debating the merits of Trump's proposal to temporarily block Muslims ...

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Fox Business Network Is The Fastest Growing Cable Channel In 2015

Every program saw year-to-year growth

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Man Says His Uncle Offered 'Broke' Panhandlers a Job. When They Said 'No,' He Did This.


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Obama's Message to Islamic State Leaders: You're Next

President Obama spoke at the Pentagon on Monday after a meeting with his national security team. He discussed the intensification of U.S. actions in the war against Islamic State's core in Iraq and Syria. The president said that coalition forces are hitting Islamic State "harder than ever."

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Families Get Screwed Sending Dollars To Mexico. TransferWise Does It 4X Cheaper

birthdaybot1 (1) Money transfers are a crooked racket. They're designed to hide just how much cash they steal from immigrant workers sending funds to family back home. Western Union, Moneygram, even PayPal's Xoom trumpet that they only charge around $5, but quietly pocket people's money by setting their own unfair exchange rate. TransferWise wants to put an end to all this bullsh*t. Today the… Read More

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