September 7, 2015

Donald Trump nomination could kill down-ticket Republican candidates' hopes

Donald Trump has not only shaken up the GOP's presidential contest, he was also a dominant theme for congressional Republicans back home in their states and districts this summer, where many of the lawmakers took pains to show respect for him.

Still, the Trump campaign has yet to report any ...

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'Top Secret' Information Was in Hillary Clinton Emails, Second Review Finds

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What To Make of the Islamic Migration Into Europe?

(John Hinderaker) Many thousands of migrants–some refugees, some not–are making their way from Islamic countries in the Middle East and Asia to Turkey, thence to Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria and finally, for most of them, Germany. The largest number come from Syria, but other Islamic countries are represented from as far away as Afghanistan. It is still not clear to me why this torrent has suddenly broken free. Germany has promised

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Illegal Alien Journalist: Immigrations Laws Akin To Jim Crow

Enforcing national sovereignty is the new Jim Crow?

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Facebook's Messenger And The Challenge To Google's Search Dominance

evil-messenger To understand how a digital personal assistant that lives inside a mobile messaging app represents a disruptive threat to Google, let's look at why Google is in this situation in the first place. Read More

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Veterans group wants presidential candidates to address issues through town hall meetings

Pentagon spending cuts. U.S.-led airstrikes against the Islamic State. VA clinics in disarray.

A conservative veterans advocacy group is providing presidential candidates an opportunity to address these issues and other hot topics in the 2016 campaign season.

Concerned Veterans for America has invited many of the major candidates in both ...

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Donald Trump on His Nuclear Doctrine, Democracy Promotion And Why He Refuses To Use Term 'Supreme Leader'

And how he screwed Gadhafi

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Greta Van Susteren Shares Why She Thinks Donald Trump 'Could Win' the Republican Nomination

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See Reaction After Man Adds Propane Gas to Coke Bottle, Then Flips It Over

"Liquid gas mixed with cola instantly turns into a gaseous state…"

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Commoditized Wearables

wearables Xiaomi reported it sold 2.8 million of its Mi Band activity tracker in the first quarter of 2015; in the same time period for 2014 (first quarter), they sold exactly 0. Newer reports have stated that the Mi Band has sold more than 6 million units for 2015. Analysts estimate this represents 25 percent of all similar devices sold this year. So what does this mean? Wearable fitness tracking is… Read More

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Democrats See No Irony In Running Against Themselves

(John Hinderaker) Today Joe Biden delivered a populist oration on the occasion of Labor Day. Biden ripped the stagnant American economy of recent years: "I'm mad, I'm angry," Biden thundered, attacking the U.S. economy as "devastating for workers." That's what we've been saying for the last 6 1/2 years. Where has Biden been all this time? Oh yeah, that's right–he's been the vice president. The economy is lousy for most workers because

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Enemies Of Reagan Seek To Rename DC Airport

Reagan's eponymic airport welcoming visitors to DC is under fire from a liberal PAC unhappy with John Boehner.

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'Fast Becoming Its Own Worst Enemy': Juan Williams Has Sharp Message to Black Lives Matter Movement

"[T]hey are hurting themselves…"

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Increased Russian Presence in Syria Could Signal Putin's Willingness to Join Fight Against Islamic State

"The fact that (military cooperation) is not new is one thing, but there is a noticeable increase."

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Activists, farmworkers remember grape strike, 50 years later

DELANO, Calif. (AP) - Hundreds of former and current labor activists, both Filipino and Mexican American, flowed this weekend into the Central Valley town of Delano to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Dalano Grape Strike.

It was in Delano where 50 years ago, Filipino workers first launched the Delano ...

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Texas Teen Never Joined ISIS, Faces 30-Year Sentence Anyway

'make sure they are... not killing innocent ppl'

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Read the Heartfelt Instagram Post From Robin Williams' Daughter About Depression More Than One Year After His Death

"It's not easy."

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Voters Reportedly Required to Pledge Their Loyalty to Hillary Clinton Before Attending Ohio Event

"I commit to vote for Hillary Clinton."

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How Legal Immigration Failed Silicon Valley

new-york-statue-of-liberty Twelve years after filing for U.S. residency, I finally took the oath of citizenship in a quaint suburban theater, having spent seven of those prime entrepreneurship years mired in the Green Card queue. This wait damages the entrepreneurship spirit and, worse, impacts career prospects, thereby crimping the economy. Our immigration system hinders entrepreneurship, innovation and productivity. Read More

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Clinton Won't Apologize Over E-Mails, Plays Down Campaign Harm

"What I did was allowed," Hillary Clinton says in Associated Press interview. "It was allowed by the State Department. The State Department has confirmed that." Democratic presidential contender and former Secretary of State said she "did not send or receive any information marked classified" "I take the responsibilities of handling classified materials very seriously and did so," Clinton said She says e-mail inquiry has been "a distraction, certainly,

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Paul Krugman Endorses Trump

(John Hinderaker) Today's column by arch-leftist Paul Krugman is titled, "Trump Is Right on Economics." Krugman's theme is that of all the Republican presidential candidates, Trumps's views on the economy are closest to Krugman's: Mr. Bush has chosen to attack Mr. Trump as a false conservative, a proposition that is supposedly demonstrated by his deviations from current Republican economic orthodoxy: his willingness to raise taxes on the rich, his positive words about

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Joe Biden cheered on by Pittsburgh union crowd: 'Run, Joe, run'

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Hearing chants of "run Joe, run," Vice President Joe Biden marched in Pittsburgh's annual Labor Day parade on Monday as speculation swirled about a potential late entry into the Democratic presidential campaign.

The vice president donned a black-and-gold United Steelworkers union hat and told hundreds of union ...

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Hillary Says She Will Not Apologize For Using Private Email Server

Says home-brew setup 'was allowed'

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Kentucky Clerk's Lawyers File Emergency Motion in Attempt to Free Her From Jail

Davis could be released from jail immediately if the motion were granted.

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Manufacturers to push to revive Ex-Im charter

U.S. manufacturers say they're starting to feel the pain from Congress' decision to let the federal Export-Import Bank's charter lapse in June, and are planning to mount a push to revive the obscure, controversial agency when lawmakers return next week.

The bank, a product of the New Deal that finances ...

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Kill The Password

Silly password rules like  There are a myriad of problems with the password in the modern computing context. We are no longer signing onto a single mainframe. We have multiple applications in use across various platforms. That means we are forced to remember far too many passwords. This causes people to use silly ones like 1234 or the same password across multiple sites, not even attempting to be secure. Think… Read More

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Chuck Todd: Clinton Campaign "Getting Close To Being In Crisis Mode"

Hillary Clinton's primary campaign is crashing faster than even her toughest critics hoped. Even NBC's "Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd, the more prominent leftists in NBC News' studio of so-called journalists, acknowledged that the Clinton campaign is "getting close to being in crisis mode." Vice President Joe Biden is outperforming Hillary Clinton, Todd pointed out, and ...More

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Why More Gun Control Laws Won't Help

(John Hinderaker) Via InstaPundit, an interesting study published in Preventive Medicine that confirms something I have written repeatedly: criminals do not acquire their guns legally. This is important because, in response to high-profile shootings, gun control advocates always recur to a few longstanding proposals–none of which have anything to do with actually reducing the rate of gun violence. A favorite liberal chestnut is "universal background checks." Background checks already must be run

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Russia Says Its Arms Deliveries To Syria Aimed At Fighting Terrorism

Aimed at fighting terrorism

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3-Year-Old Boy Was 'Hoping' for a 'Hello' When He Waved at Texas State Troopers — Instead, the Officers 'Went Above and Beyond'

"Made his night amazing."

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This Islamic State Flag Was Painted in the Oddest Place

"At this stage, it appears to be an isolated incident."

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Blavity Hopes To Be The Digital Voice of Black Millennials

morgandebaun2 Millennials are the most diverse generation in history. According to the White House Millennial Report, 40 percent of millennials are people of color. Blavity, a media startup founded by Morgan Debaun, is hoping to give a voice to this generation. Debaun was inspired to create Blavity after feeling constantly misrepresented and left out of mainstream media. "I got tired of consuming all… Read More

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What is to be done?

(Scott Johnson) President Obama has failed to comply with the conditions of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (the Corker-Cardin bill) that he himself signed into law. By its express terms the law required Obama to transmit to Congress "the agreement. . . . including all related materials and annexes." He was obligated to do this "not later than five days after reaching the agreement." Obama has not done so. The administration

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Environmental groups form coalition on energy

BOSTON (AP) - Dozens of environmental organizations along with community and religious groups are teaming up to lobby for energy legislation on Beacon Hill.

The groups have scheduled news conferences for Wednesday in Boston, Weymouth, Fall River, Holyoke and Pittsfield to announce the launch of Mass Power Forward.

The new ...

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A Texas Police Department Is Responding to Attacks on Cops With a Four-Word Declaration That Is Riling Up Atheists

"It's time we get back to where we once were."

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Save Secures $16.7 Million To Repair Your Smartphone In No Time

Save Damien Morin isn't your average first-time founder. In less than two years, he managed to turn a non-scalable smartphone repair shop into an exponentially growing startup with hundreds of employees and more than $1.5 million in monthly revenue. Part of TheFamily, his startup Save (née Save My Smartphone) raised $16.7 million in equity and debt from IdInvest, 360 Capital Partners and… Read More

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Huckabee On Jailed Kentucky Clerk: 'This Is Not About Partisan Issues; This Is About The Constitution' [VIDEO]

'It is unacceptable to put a person in jail without bail because she followed her conscience'

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CNN Host Compares Jailed Kentucky Clerk to…the Taliban

"…it reminds me of what we're fighting overseas."

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Black Activist Says 'We're at War With…Bad Cops' — but What He's Learned About Slain Texas Deputy Has Moved Him to Action

"It's important that we send a message…"

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Real Estate Is Accessible And Easy To Navigate Thanks To These Startups

Zillow_ Real Estate, Apartments, Mortgage & Home Values in the US Real estate isn't just for brokers anymore. Technology is creating an industry that's consumer-facing, accessible and easy to navigate. From buying a space, to moving in, to even maintaining that space, tech-fueled startups have been fulfilling every nook and cranny of need in the realm of real estate, and it's all to make the process easier for you, the consumer. Read More

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