May 8, 2016

Former Obama Adviser: Obama's Weakness Driving Allies Toward Russia

(John Hinderaker) Dennis Ross is a respected, if thoroughly conventional, expert on the Middle East. A Democrat, he has served in both Republican and Democratic administrations as an adviser and envoy. Ross served in the State Department as Hillary Clinton's Special Advisor for the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia. Subsequently, he joined President Obama's National Security Council staff as a Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for the Central Region,

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Hillary Clinton's failure to fend off Bernie Sanders delays party unification

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is intent on ignoring her nagging battle with Bernard Sanders and focusing on the looming general election, but that strategy is about to get much more difficult, with the Vermont senator poised to notch more big primary wins in coming weeks and complicate the former ...

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Map: States Which Support Green Energy Have Higher Electric Bills

There's a positive and statistically significant correlation between high electricity bills and states with numerous policies supporting green energy.

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Conservative ideas needed on campus as counterweight to progressive orthodoxy, scholars say

After an academic year marked by the normalization of the phrase "safe space," a group of higher education reformers has a recommendation for schools looking to avoid another "annus horribilis": Hire more conservative professors.

Heterodox Academy, an advocacy group of scholars of all political persuasions, wants to give the hallowed ...

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Expect Some Major Changes To Donald Trump's Tax Plan

'On my plan they're going down. But by the time it's negotiated, they'll go up'

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Afraid of the future? Try Technotopia

Over the past few months I've been on a mission: I want to prove that the future is not going to suck. While this project was originally going to end up in a book – and it still will – I've started recording a weekly podcast called Technotopia in which I speak to amazing thinkers about the future. We've covered the environment, bitcoin, and why the future will… Read More

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Donald Trump, Republicans set for Hispanic backlash over border wall, immigration rhetoric

Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign promising to build a border wall to stop illegal immigrants — and Hispanic rights advocates say Republicans will now reap the pain of having him as their party's nominee.

America's Voice, a leading immigration advocacy group, said Republicans are facing "a moment of truth." ...

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Hundreds Of Muslim Refugees In Germany Convert To Christianity

'To be a Christian means happiness to me'

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The digital age of data art

data-art Many artists use as material for art the raw data produced by our societies, seeking innovative means of display or transforming it into a work of art. By blurring boundaries between art and information, data art dispels the myth of the romantic artist while offering a fundamental artistic act in a critical commentary of the digital age in which we live. Read More

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Kids (in the Hall) Say the Darndest Things

(Steven Hayward) I never watched the Canadian comedy show "Kids in the Hall" when it was on, but always heard it had some good moments. And this sketch from over 20 years ago anticipates the current mood of political correctness, triggering, and all the other campus cliches pretty well (3 minutes long):

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Trump's Indecision Still Teasing Both Sides Of The Minimum Wage Fight

'I like the idea of let the states decide'

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Rapper and founder Ryan Leslie explains why his latest music isn't on streaming services (for now)

ryan leslie build If anyone wants to text Ryan Leslie and have a one-on-one conversation with a big-deal rapper, here's his number: 646-887-6978. That's not a secret. Leslie shares the number publicly and encourages people to message him — it's a way for him to develop a direct relationship with his fans. And now with his startup SuperPhone, he's building tech tools to manage… Read More

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Watch This Police Officer's Message 'To The Man I Killed' [VIDEO]

'I have no regrets about doing it'

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One Stop Shopping for Hillary's Lies

(Steven Hayward) I know it's asking a lot to suggest people spend 13 minutes watching Hillary Clinton non-stop, especially when it is a 13-minute compilation of her lies. But just imagine the pain Michael Armstrong, the complier of this archive, had to endure to put this together. So get out a bottle of whiskey, or take some Dramamine or something.

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Measure would allow lawmakers to dock pay for suspensions

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - California voters will decide in June whether to allow state lawmakers to revoke their colleagues' pay following the Legislature's 2014 ethics crisis that saw three senators put on leave as they faced felony allegations.

Proposition 50 is the only statewide measure on California's June 7 ballot, ...

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Al-Qaida Leader Breaks Silence, Calls For 'Unity' Among Terrorist Groups In Syria

'A matter of life of death'

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Dry cleaning business owner admits avoiding payroll taxes

CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) - The co-owner of a dry cleaning firm has admitted that he and his partner conspired to evade payroll taxes for workers who were living in the country illegally.

Federal prosecutors say 37-year-old Phillip Hui, of Sicklerville, pleaded guilty Friday to conspiracy to obstruct and impede the ...

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NC Gov Responds To 'Bully' DOJ Threat Over Bathrooms


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AlexaSite wins the Disrupt NY 2016 Hackathon Grand Prize

tcdisrupt_NY16-8734 It's been a long night at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. But this time, you couldn't see anyone waiting for a boat. Instead, the Cruise Terminal hosted a very special competition — the Disrupt NY Hackathon. Around 650 engineers and designers got together to come up with something cool, something neat, something awesome. The only condition is that they only had 24 hours to work… Read More

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Trump Says Tax Proposals Are Negotiating 'Floor' With Congress

His positions are evolving on income taxes for the wealthy, business taxes, and the minimum wage.

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Could Gary Johnson Be Our Next President?

(Steven Hayward) Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is likely to be the Libertarian Party nominee for president, and while I have nothing against the guy, I've always found him to be unimpressive as a public figure. It's possible he and the Libertarian Party might pull 5 percent or even 10 percent this cycle depending on how the Trump-Clinton matchup goes along, but there is no chance that Johnson could win. But

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NY ethics panel reaches $62,000 settlement with lobbyist

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - New York's ethics commission has reached a settlement including $62,000 in fines with a lobbyist over required registration fees and bi-monthly reports.

The Joint Commission on Public Ethics says State Advisers LLC failed to file reports and pay fees on time or in some cases at ...

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The Blind Date Club turns your Echo speaker into a matchmaker

tcdisrupt_NY16-8635 Can Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa serve as a matchmaker? That's the idea behind The Blind Date Club, a project from a team of coders presenting today at the TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016 Hackathon. Designed as a voice-activated app for the Echo speaker, The Blind Date Club lets you search for dating profiles by voice, have them read aloud to you, and then get connected with your… Read More

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Gun rights advocates say Donald Trump is their candidate for the White House

Donald Trump heads this month to the National Rifle Association's annual convention in Kentucky riding a wave of strong support from the country's gun owners, who say he's just what they're looking for in November.

While pro-lifers, tax-cutters and others in the conservative coalition are struggling with ...

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FDA's E-Cigarette Regulation Is Triggering A Black Market

DIY e-liquid could soar after FDA e-cigarette regulation

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The Eliza app makes mental health tracking as easy as talking to yourself

Tae Hong Min and Kathryn Hodge, developers of the Eliza app. Makers of an app called Eliza want to make it as easy for people to track their psychological well-being as it is to track their physical fitness. The Eliza app asks users to record a voice memo, say, venting about an issue they're dealing with at work or simply reflecting on their day. The app turns the user's speech into text that's ready for sentiment analysis. After… Read More

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Trump: This Is the Republican Party, It's Not Called the Conservative Party

The post Trump: This Is the Republican Party, It's Not Called the Conservative Party appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

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Hillary Clinton says FBI hasn't contacted her over email scandal

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said Sunday she has yet to be contacted by FBI officials investigating her use of a private email account while secretary of state.

In an interview on CBS' "Face the Nation," the former first lady acknowledged that her top aides have ...

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Muslim HS Student Gets Labeled 'Isis' In Yearbook

Savage hate attack, or unfortunate typo?

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Obama's gaps

(Scott Johnson) President Obama gave the commencement address at the historically black Howard University in Washington yesterday. Politico has posted the text here; the White House has posted the video below. It's not all bad, but it's mostly bad. It goes for 45 minutes that feel like 45 hours and features Obama's faux ghetto speak. That's bad too, though it's not as bad as Hillary's. Doesn't anyone in Obama's circle of love

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Clinton: No One From FBI Has Reached Out to Me Yet

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Guns & Politics: Alexander The Great

Alexander was great but he failed his nascent nation

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Universities can't solve our skills gap problem, because they caused it

university campus The class of 2015 graduated with an average of $35,000 in student loan debt, the most in history. And yet, executives and hiring managers continue to complain about their inability to fill skilled positions in their companies. This is the skills gap, and we've been talking about it for more than a decade. So why aren't universities addressing this problem? Because they can't. Read More

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