May 14, 2016

Smart-home technology must work harder to create smarter consumers

data-house Attendees of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year were confronted with a head-spinning volume of smart-home devices. From $5,000 refrigerators that can communicate when you're running low on milk and eggs, to the ability to control lights, locks and thermostats from your mobile app or TV screen, these products and technologies all show very nicely — until the point… Read More

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Highlights from Disrupt NY 2016

Beam wins Disrupt NY 2016 The doors to TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016 opened May 9 at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. The three-day conference hosted 2,300 attendees and hundreds of thousands more tuning in online. Indeed, Disrupt NY 2016 was the first media conference to stream on Facebook Live in full, making it one of our most watched events ever. In the much-anticipated Startup Battlefield, 22 competitors pitched… Read More

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Let New Europe be New Europe

(Paul Mirengoff) I'm back from my trip to "New Europe," specifically to Prague and Krakow. I highly recommend both cities to potential tourists, and I find the concept of New Europe apt. Poland and the Czech Republic suffered grievously from the two great scourges of the 20th century — Nazism and Communism. So far, they have avoided the scourge of the present century — radical Islam. They have avoided it because Muslims

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Joe Biden Doesn't Seem To Know Gay Marriage Is Legal

'When your brother is not allowed to marry the man he loves, you are diminished'

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U.S., Allies Hit Islamic State in Iraq, Syria With 22 Airstrikes

The U.S.-led military coalition targeted Islamic State positions in Iraq and Syria on Friday with a combined 22 strikes as it kept up pressure on the militant group.

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Barbara Boxer Demands Study On E-Cigarette Advertising Targeting Children

Boxer demands FTC expedite e-cigarette study

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What startups are saying about raising cash in Latin America

buenosaires You don't have to look hard to see why the startup community in Latin America has long faced a lack of capital and resources to fuel significant growth. Many Latin American entrepreneurs have endured decades of political and economic hardships that left the investment landscape in a less than desirable state — especially for emerging startups. Read More

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The Secret History of the Democratic Party

(John Hinderaker) Dinesh D'Souza is back. His latest movie is Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party. It will hit the theaters in July. Based on its trailer, Hillary's America looks nuclear. Slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, big city corruption, the Progressives–it's all there. Plus, a cameo by Jonah Goldberg:

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Minot man says he will plead guilty to federal drug charge

MINOT, N.D. (AP) - A Minot man accused of drug and weapons charges says he will plead guilty in federal court.

A plea agreement calls for Frederick Harris to plead guilty to an amended drug charge of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. Harris had originally faced a drug conspiracy ...

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State Dept. Redacted Hillary And Huma Conversation After Flack Lied About Weinergate

Redacted for "personal/family" reasons.

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Missouri lawmakers pass ethics laws but fail on gift ban

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - GOP Speaker Todd Richardson, who assumed leadership of the Missouri House a year ago when his predecessor resigned amid scandal, said the 2016 Legislative session brought progress toward change in a state that's been called the wild west of ethics, but he's disappointed a bill ...

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The drone race is on

phantom drone We've seen an increase in drone investments on a huge scale, many new entrants into the field, and more mainstream companies getting into the marketplace. So, no, drones are not a fad, they're here for good and here are a few examples of why this trend is here to stay. Read More

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Scenes of the Obama Era

(Steven Hayward) Normally I wouldn't draw attention to a ridiculous story like this, but for the little detail, marked in bold, at the end of the second paragraph: Milwaukee Teens Live Stream Sex Acts On Facebook CHICAGO (CBS) — Police in Milwaukee have launched an investigation after three teenagers live streamed themselves having sex, while their classmates watched on their phones at school. CBS 58 in Milwaukee reports two girls, 14 and 15, and a

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LIVE: Clarence Thomas Speaks To Hillsdale Graduates

One of just a few conservative commencement speakers

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Gillmor Gang LIVE 05.14.16

Gillmor Gang Artcard Gillmor Gang – Doc Searls, frank Radice, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor. LIVE recording session begins at 10:00amPT/1pmET today today. Our live chat stream during the show broadcast Gillmor Gang's Facebook page HERE G3's archive on ustream G3's Facebook page HERE Read More

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Climate activists protest oil shipments at New York port hub

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Climate activists have gathered at a crude oil shipment hub on the Hudson River in upstate New York to denounce fossil fuels and promote renewable energy sources.

Activities on Friday and Saturday targeting crude-by-rail trains and oil barges at the Port of Albany were part of ...

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Two Mexican Men Found Guilty Of Stalking US Cartel Lawyer Before He Was Killed

Gunned down the attorney in broad daylight in May 2013

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Florida GOP activists on Trump as nominee: He's not Clinton

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - The most hardcore among Florida's Republican faithful are meeting this weekend for the first time since Donald Trump became the party's presumptive presidential nominee and the reaction is largely like this: Well, he's not Hillary Clinton.

Trump carried Florida's March winner-take-all GOP primary by an overwhelming ...

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Bill Clinton Took Twice As Many Flights On 'Pedophile Island' Billionaire's 'Lolita Express' Than Previously Reported

More than twice as many flights on 'Lolita Express' than was thought

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"Minnesota men" go to trial (6)

(Scott Johnson) On Friday one of the prosecution's three key witnesses took the stand at the trial of the three "Minnesota men" contesting the charges that they conspired to provide material support to ISIS. Abdullahi Yusuf is one of six "Minnesota men" who have pleaded guilty to the conspiracy (I'm using his mug shot for the thumbnail on the home page). Testifying under a cooperation agreement with the government, Yusuf provided a

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University of Kansas Senate forms free speech committee

LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) - The University of Kansas Senate is organizing a committee to research and propose a policy to uphold freedom of speech at the school.

The Lawrence Journal-World reports ( ) the committee, which was recently approved, will form this summer and work through the next academic year.


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CCW Weekend: How Concealed Carry Reciprocity Is Not The Same As Driver's License Reciprocity

Should concealed carry be s state or federal issue? Let's take a lesson from driver's licenses

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NYC presents more opportunities than challenges for foreign ad firms

nyc times square illustration With digital ad spending expected to surpass the spend on television advertising next year, the Big Apple overflows with adtech startups. Many of these startups are coming to New York from abroad. Despite the challenges of setting up shop in such a huge and saturated market, these foreign startups believe that the opportunities NYC presents are greater than its challenges. Read More

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Obama aide highlights immigrant policy forum in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - President Barack Obama's special assistant on immigration policy highlighted a daylong forum in Columbus this week exploring ways to empower and engage Ohio's foreign-born residents.

State Rep. Kevin Boyce, a Columbus Democrat, hosted the New American Forum on Thursday at Franklin University.

Felicia Escobar, special assistant ...

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Author Raj Raghunathan talks about what it takes for smart people to be happy

In my on-going Technotopia series I've been talking to designers, coders, and journalists. This time I talk to business professor Raj Raghunathan author of If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Happy, a book about finding happiness when you're already firing on all cylinders in a hard-charging career. Raghunathan's book shows us that there is little correlation… Read More

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