April 21, 2016

Cruz Promises to Barnstorm Indiana in Movement to Stop Trump

Texas Senator Ted Cruz had the stage to himself Thursday at the Indiana Republican Party's spring dinner, promising to campaign hard for a state that his supporters see as key to slowing front-runner Donald Trump's bid for the party's presidential nomination.

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A Victory In the War For Free Speech

(John Hinderaker) One of the most sinister developments of our time is the Left's use of both criminal investigation and mob harassment to suppress dissent. An outrageous instance of this trend is the effort by 20 Democratic state Attorneys General to investigate ExxonMobil and others for criminal "fraud," i.e., carrying out research that doesn't support the hysterical exaggerations of the Climatistas. One of the leaders of this attempt to suppress scientific debate

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Resident at Senior Center: People Here Look Like Bill Clinton

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Climate agreement signing will bolster Obama's legacy

The political forecast for Friday's signing of the historic Paris Agreement on climate change calls for sunshine at the White House, with lukewarm temperatures on the left and thunderstorms on the right.

The nonbinding agreement, scheduled to be signed on Earth Day by Secretary of State John F. Kerry and ...

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Pulitzer Rep Tells Judicial Watch It 'Does Not Qualify As A News Site'

'Does not qualify as a news site'

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Voter Flatters Clinton: 'You Are Very Human'

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AstraZeneca commits 'hundreds of millions' to sequencing genomes of 2M people over 10 years

cq5dam.web.1200.AZ1572_Equipment Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca today unveiled a ten-year project to sequence the genomes of two million people — with top-tier medical and tech partnerships and a nine-figure price tag. The resulting database would be the largest of its kind, and would be used to hunt rare genes that may contribute to diseases. AstraZeneca is dipping into its own stores for the first big source of… Read More

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Obama lobbies Britons on benefits of European Union

Arriving in London Thursday night, President Obama doubled down with his meddling in Britain's referendum on remaining in the European Union, a source of resentment among many Britons.

Writing in The Telegraph newspaper, Mr. Obama said the vote in June is being watched closely in the U.S.

"The U.S. and ...

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'View' Co-Host: Trump Is Becoming 'Presidential' [VIDEO]

'I understood what his main policy points were'

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The automation revolution and the rise of the creative economy

automatedassembly Only three main occupations were available to intrepid job seekers 10,000 years ago: hunting, gathering and procreation. Since then, the job market has advanced dramatically, developing into something not only more diverse, but also more abstract. This progress was the result of human evolution, but also human innovation — as the human race evolved, the scope of its needs changed (and so… Read More

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With All Due Respect (04/15/16)

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann are joined by Barry Bennett, a senior adviser to the Donald Trump campaign, on "With All Due Respect."

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Harvard Law Anti-Semite Revealed: No Surprises

(John Hinderaker) I wrote here about a shocking incident at Harvard Law School. One of the participants in an event last week was former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. A member of the audience asked: My question for Tzipi Livni is, how is it that you are so smelly? It's regarding your odor — about the odor of Tzipi Livni, very smelly. The student, reportedly the president of an HLS organization, was

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Inside the Beltway: 'Not too late to run as a Libertarian'


Hope springs eternal: Wes Benedict, chairman of the national Libertarian Party, is reminding the politically minded that they can still declare their intent to run for office in 35 states. Filing deadlines for the formal paperwork have not passed in scores of ...

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Pro-Refugee Group Is Placing Ads On Anti-Immigration Videos [VIDEO]

Viewers 'are afraid and need someone to help them'

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Elon Musk has an idea for autonomous transit vehicles but he's being coy about it

Elon Musk Elon Musk has a plan to solve the traffic crisis in our cities. A vague, secret plan. He may not actually have a plan. But he did say something out loud in public about it, and he doesn't usually do that unless he has at least kind of a plan. Read More

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Trump to Raise Funds for Republican Candidates, Adviser Says

The front-runner dispatched Paul Manafort to the party's final meeting ahead of the Republican convention.

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Gyrocopter Pilot Sentenced to 120 Days in Prison

The man who flew his gyrocopter next to the United States Capitol to protest money in politics has been sentenced to 120 days in prison.

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Border services arrest man posing as teen basketball player

WINDSOR, Ontario (AP) - Border service officials have arrested a South Sudanese man who was posing as a teenager and played high school basketball.

The Canadian Border Services Agency said Thursday that Jonathan Nicola was arrested this week for contravening the Immigration Refugee Protection Act.

The agency said Nicola misrepresented ...

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Republicans Scold EEOC For Massive Backlog Of Workplace Discrimination Cases

'Force the agency to focus on its core mission'

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Snapchat lets you Face Swap with your camera roll, drops paid replays

Snapchat Face Swap Camera Roll Snapchat is done selling you stuff. As of today's update, every snap can be replayed once, but you can no longer buy extra replays. That means people with more money can't break the rules of Snapchat any more. Snapchat launched $0.99 replays on top of the one free one you got per day, but along with the shut down of the Lens store that launched in November and closed in January… Read More

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Remembering Prince: Outspoken Artist and Musical Exemplar

On "With All Due Respect," Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discuss artist and musician Prince, who passed away at the age of 57.

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MEGA Cartel Tunnel Busted By Feds In San Diego[VIDEO]

Largest tunnel ever busted by feds

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Why go Live? Facebook's head of video Fidji Simo will tell Disrupt NY

Fidji Simo How will Facebook video change the physics of news publishing, app downloads, commerce, and what we point our phones at? Find out a TechCrunch Disrupt NY May 9th-11th when Facebook's head of video Fidji Simo joins us on stage for a fireside chat. By now, Facebook's likely hit 10 billion video views per day. In a few short years, it became an 800-lb gorilla big enough to stand… Read More

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Koch Group Wins Trial to Keep Donors Secret in California

A conservative advocacy group founded by billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch won a ruling from a judge that California can't require it to disclose the identity of its donors.

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Cruz's Take on Hillary's War Room

(Steven Hayward) This is an excellent, artful, humorous, and well-produced Cruz campaign video that skewers Trump and Hillary at the same time. I wonder if Zucker and Abrahams are behind this:

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Report: Teachers Union President Calls Republican Governor an 'ISIS Recruit'

The head of the Chicago Teachers Union called Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, a Republican, "the new ISIS recruit" during a speech on Wednesday.

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Democrats submit names for new elections, ethics boards

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Nominees for the final four spots on new partisan commissions to oversee elections and ethics laws in Wisconsin have been delivered to Gov. Scott Walker.

Democratic legislative leaders on Thursday submitted three former judges to serve on the Ethics Commission and three former county clerks for ...

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'Hillary Clinton: The Top 20 Reasons She Should Not Be Elected President'

20 simple reasons

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Beepi lets you buy, sell, and now lease a car with an app

Lease Details from Beepi There are lots of apps that help you research prices for buying or selling a car, and they'll even hook you up with a dealership when you're ready to buy. But Beepi lets you buy and sell used cars in 16 metro areas in 9 states without using a dealership — or a test drive — at all. "Every company starts with a group of entrepreneurs who think something is true but… Read More

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Blown Deadline for Puerto Rico Bill Risks Triggering Defaults

U.S. House leaders concede there is little chance of passing a bill to address Puerto Rico's debt woes before a May 1 deadline on a $422 million debt payment, leaving members worried the urgency of the debate could wane until the next crisis point.

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Court Strikes Down California Effort to Reveal Donors to Nonprofit

California regulators' attempts to compel a conservative nonprofit group to turn over a list of its major donors is unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled on Thursday.

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Missouri Senate passes new penalty for immigrant criminals

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - The Missouri Senate has passed legislation to increase penalties for some immigrants who enter the country illegally and commit crimes.

Senators voted 26-6 Thursday to send the bill to the House.

The measure would apply to immigrants who have previously been deported for a violent ...

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Congress Removes All State Flags Because Of Mississippi's Confederate Imagery

Will no longer be displayed in a tunnel under Capitol

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FirstBuild launches Pique, a faster cold brew coffee maker for the home

2693a54f-fe04-474d-980f-3069368bbe7c-thumbnail GE's gadget invention partner FirstBuild is launching a cold brew coffee maker for the home called Pique. Coffee has turned from daily routine into somewhat of an art form in the last few years with drip makers, French press, single-serve cups, pour-over and an endless supply of the latest hi-tech machines that will whip up any bean-flavored concoction to your liking. Note most of… Read More

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