November 7, 2016

Tom Steyer invests $100 million to get climate change at forefront of 2016 elections

DENVER | Liberal moneyman Tom Steyer has spent more than $100 million to push climate change to the political forefront, but a down-ballot race in Colorado illustrates how the issue can create headaches for Democrats.

Democrat Alice Madden, a candidate for the at-large seat on the University of Colorado Board ...

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Ron Johnson's Final Push With Voters Could Lead To A GOP Win In Wisconsin

A 'whites in their eyes' strategy

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Is thematic investing the future of venture capital?

magnifying Over the last five years, the venture capital ecosystem has seen a significant rise in theme focused investment funds. SaaS funds, hardware funds and my latest guest's focus, consumer funds have all proliferated. So here to discuss these shifts is Justin Caldbeck, the co-founder of Binary Capital. Value Add To Portfolio Companies Thematic funds, in the majority of cases, have the ability… Read More

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U.S. Election Guide to Markets: What to Watch Once It's All Over

Investors suddenly became much more confident that Hillary Clinton will prevail over Donald Trump for a status quo outcome in the U.S. presidential campaign -- a Democrat in the White House reined in by Republicans in Congress.

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Hillary Clinton embraces Obama legacy as Donald Trump pitches overthrow of status quo

President Obama bequeathed his political legacy to Hillary Clinton on Monday as they campaigned together hours ahead of Election Day, asking voters to stay the course and reject the kind of change represented by Republican nominee Donald Trump.

But Mr. Trump challenged voters to overthrow the corrupt Washington status quo ...

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How C-SPAN Became America's Therapy Channel. Can It Cure What Ails Us?

Why C-SPAN Saw The Populist Wave Coming

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Chris Christie on Bridgegate: I Don't Remember Any of It

In an interview on PBS's "Charlie Rose," New Jersey Governor Chris Christie discusses the conviction of two of his former aides in a plot to create crippling traffic near the George Washington Bridge. (The full interview will be broadcast tonight on PBS and tomorrow on Bloomberg TV.)

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Brazile Sent More Debate Questions From CNN To Clinton

Even tipped off Clinton campaign about question for Sanders

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Casey Neistat's Beme launches Exit Poll, an app to share who you voted for and why

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-6-56-10-pm Beme, the social media app founded by Casey Neistat, is getting involved in the election by launching an app called Exit Poll. The concept is simple: You download the app, tap who you are voting for (the options are Hillary or Donald or decline to answer), what state you are in and record a short video explaining your reasoning. Exit Poll then will collate these videos into a Facebook Live… Read More

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Populist Anger vs. Ground Game: What Will Win Out?

On "With All Due Respect," Stephanie Schriock, president of Emily's List, and Republican strategist Jeff Roe discuss the state of the 2016 race on the final day of the campaign.

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Academic Absurdity of the Week: Cynthia McKinney, PhD??

(Steven Hayward) Political junkies will recall with a giggle the less than distinguished career of Cynthia McKinney, the six-term congressperson from Georgia who was an embarrassment even to far lefties who are usually immune to embarrassment. (In fact, when she returned to the House in 2005 after having been defeated for re-election in the Democratic primary in 2002, the Democratic House leadership refused to restore her committee seniority. She was defeated again

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Navy Says Transgenders Must Meet Physical Standards

But some requirements are flexible, it turns out

Via: The Daily Caller raises $2M for robot arms that operate multiple 3D printers and workshop machines

tendai Back in June, came out of stealth with its versatile system allowing a robot arm to tend to a dozen or more printers, laser cutters, and other modern workshop tools. Now the company has raised $2 million to continue its work, courtesy of True Ventures. Read More

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White House Restates Faith in Comey After Clinton Cleared

President Barack Obama remains confident that FBI Director James Comey isn't attempting to influence the election and can lead his agency, the White House spokesman said Monday.

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Indiana Democrats Admit to Sending Voters to Wrong Polling Locations

The Indiana Democratic Party acknowledged Monday that it referred approximately 2,000 voters to the wrong polling locations via text messages.

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Hillary Clinton plays 'woman card,' but political baggage overshadows historic campaign

Shadowed by scandal and hindered by her low-key campaign style, Hillary Clinton has made it easy at times to overlook the historic nature of her candidacy as the first female major-party nominee for president.

The email controversy that has dogged Mrs. Clinton for more than two years, combined with lingering ...

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GOP Senator Calls For Action On Supreme Court

'dereliction of duty'

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Facebook threatens LinkedIn with job opening features

facebook-vs-linkedin Facebook might muscle-in on LinkedIn's recruiting business with ways for business Pages to promote job listings. The new Jobs features could give companies another reason to drive traffic to their Facebook Page beyond marketing their products in the News Feed, while also allowing them to pay the social network to get their open position in front of more candidates. Today TechCrunch spotted… Read More

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Clinton Says Government Shouldn't Profit From College Aid

Hillary Clinton tells crowd at campaign stop in Allendale, Mich. that "interest rates are really low right now," but when it comes to college loans, "There are so many people who are paying 8, 10, 12, higher" percent rates. "How much?" Clinton says, pointing to members of the crowd and saying "12.7" and "14.1" "I got to tell you, friends, that is outrageous" Clinton says "The federal government should not be making money off of sending kids to college" Says she "can't wait to roll up my sleeves"

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Report: British Military Intelligence Warns of Russia's 'Revolutionary' Tank

An official in the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense warned in an internal document that a high-technology tank under development by Russia represents the "most revolutionary step change in tank design in the last half century."

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Fall Of China's Finance Minister Could Leave Massive Pile Of Debt Unchecked

The Chinese official responsible for repairing China's increasingly unstable economy was removed from power Monday in an unexpected move by Beijing. Finance minister Lou Jiwei, an extremely high-profile figure in Chinese politics and a beacon for market reforms in China, was ousted and replaced by Xiao Jie, a low-level bureaucrat, reports the Wall Street Journal. Serving as […]

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Why it's so hard to create unbiased artificial intelligence

robottoy As AI and machine learning mature and manifest their potential to take on complicated tasks, we've become somewhat expectant that robots can succeed where humans have failed — namely, in putting aside personal biases when making decisions. But like all disruptive technologies, machine learning has its own set of unexpected challenges. Read More

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David Stockman: Hillary Will Be a Disaster as President

David Stockman, author of "Trumped!" and former director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, discusses the U.S. presidential election with Bloomberg's Matt Miller, Joe Weisenthal, Scarlet Fu and Mike McKee on "What'd You Miss?" (Source: Bloomberg)

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Mop secret

(Scott Johnson) On Sunday the New York Post ran Paul Sperry's column on yet another wrinkle in the Clinton email saga with the tabloid "Mop secret." As the column's headline explains, "Clinton directed her maid to print out classified materials." Clinton's maid is one Marina Santos. The kicker, of course, is that Santos doesn't have a security clearance. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Clinton didn't mean to betray the United

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Evan Bayh Left for Beverly Hills Fundraising Trip After Iraq War Vote

Just hours after then-senator Evan Bayh (D., Ind.) voted to authorize President Bush to go to war with Iraq he boarded a first-class flight to California to stay at the Beverly Hills mansion of billionaire Ron Burkle and attend numerous fundraising meetings, according to a copy of Bayh's official schedule.

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Federal trial of 2 men puts Kansas gun law in spotlight

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Two Kansas men accused of federal firearms violations are scheduled for trial this week in a case that indirectly involves a Kansas law seeking to prevent federal prosecution of anyone owning firearms made, sold and kept in the state.

Shane Cox and Jeremy Kettler's trial is ...

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Ninety Percent Of The Hundreds Of Reviewers Think This Knife Is Absolutely Perfect. Also It Is Over $80 Off

Quite the deal

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Confirmed: Periscope Data raises $25 million from Bessemer Venture Partners

pasted-image-at-2016_11_07-12_44-pm Periscope Data, the company that helps data scientists quickly turn their findings into easily digestible visualizations, has confirmed the raise of $25 million in Series B funding. We originally reported on this funding news last week, and mistakenly named the wrong lead investor. Bessemer led the round, with participation from existing investors, including DFJ, Susa Ventures, Innovation… Read More

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U.S. Election Guide to Markets: What to Watch With One Day to Go

Investors are dialing back hedges against a Donald Trump upset victory without abandoning them.

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North Korea Potentially Planning Election Day Missile Launch

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may fire an intermediate-range ballistic missile on Tuesday to warn President Obama's successor that Pyongyang will continue its nuclear and missile development programs regardless of international sanctions, South Korean military officials said Monday.

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Tennessee features congressional, legislative elections

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Here is a look at Election Day in Tennessee:


FALLOUT OVER TRUMP: Gov. Bill Haslam has faced criticism from some fellow Republicans over his public rejection of presidential nominee Donald Trump after the release of a video in which the candidate boasted about groping women. ...

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Kate Hudson Showed A Ton Of Cleavage At The Hollywood Film Awards [PHOTOS]


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3D-printed satellite launcher heads to ISS with blessing of Chris Hadfield and Grant Imahara

spinoff_femto If you could print something out aboard the International Space Station, what would it be? That was the question posed to engineers and enthusiasts in the ISS Design Competition, and the winner — a clever and powerful device for launching palm-size satellites — will actually be getting beamed up. Read More

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