July 10, 2016

Rioters Injure 21 Policemen In St. Paul

(John Hinderaker) Hundreds of Black Limes Matter rioters shut down Highway 94, a major interstate that connects Minneapolis and St. Paul, for several hours last night. The rioters bombarded police with chunks of concrete, pieces of rebar and other hard objects, injuring 21 police officers. One policeman suffered a broken vertebrae when a concrete block was dropped on his head from above. Around 100 rioters were arrested. Policemen ultimately dispersed the rioters

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DC Government Chooses Maryland Kids Over Tax-Paying Residents For School Slots

Emails, data show DC allowing Maryland-dwelling employees to defraud city

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USA just dropped Mr. Robot's season 2 premiere on social media

mr robot The U.S. television network USA had the mother of all surprises in stock for fans of its award-winning TV show Mr. Robot. Completely unannounced, the network released the first 40-odd minutes of the first episode of its second series on social media in the middle of a Facebook Q&A. The preview was released about an hour ago – a full three days before it was scheduled to air on… Read More

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Bernie Sanders' supporters outpace candidate in jump to Hillary Clinton

Sen. Bernard Sanders is in talks to endorse Hillary Clinton, but his supporters have been warming to her for some time, according to new polling that shows 85 percent of Sanders voters are prepared to back his erstwhile primary opponent.

Just 9 percent of Sanders supporters will back likely GOP ...

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Derek Jeter's New Wife Loves Showing Off Skin [SLIDESHOW]

She doesn't hold much back

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Obama returns to U.S. to deal with Dallas shooting aftermath

President Obama cut short a trip to Europe Sunday night and returned to the U.S., hoping to calm tensions from the assassinations of five police officers in Dallas, to address multiplying protests in major cities over police shootings of minorities and to salvage his legacy on race relations.

Facing accusations ...

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Facebook Shows Support For Black Lives Matter Hours After Dallas Shootings

Support for Castile and Sterling, but not the boys in blue?

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Platform Fight Shows Some Sanders Supporters Still Wary of Clinton

Democrats emerge from Orlando with "most progressive platform."

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Activists monitoring probe of police shooting of Houston man

HOUSTON (AP) - Activists and community leaders said Sunday they are monitoring the investigation of a fatal shooting in which two Houston police officers killed a man who authorities say had pointed a gun at officers after ignoring commands to drop the weapon.

The Houston chapters of the NAACP and ...

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Obama Expresses Concern About How State Department Handles Classified Info

The post Obama Expresses Concern About How State Department Handles Classified Info appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

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Hillary Clinton's health plan to include a public option

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party continued tacking left over the weekend and offering olive branches to Sen. Bernard Sanders on health care, reforms to the nation's drug laws, minimum wage and other key issues — though they also handed him a stinging defeat on trade.

Mrs. Clinton on Saturday ...

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Bin Laden's Son Wants Revenge On US

'Revenge for those who defended Islam'

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INNOVATE2016: Libertarian Presidential candidate says "We need to Uber everything"

Whatever one thinks of his ideology, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson may be the pro innovation candidate that Silicon Valley has been waiting for. Read More

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Hillary Clinton's email testimony pursued in federal court

Prosecutors decided last week not to charge former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her secret email server, but a federal court could still force her to testify under oath after a conservative law firm petitioned the judge to force her to talk.

Judicial Watch, which has been pursuing Mrs. ...

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Must-See Moments Of Wimbledon

These past two weeks have been filled with Wimbledon coverage. However, if you missed it here are the most epic shots of the tournament so far.

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Still a virtual reality skeptic? Here's why you shouldn't be

A visitor wears a Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. PlayStation VR as he tries a virtual reality (VR) game during a demonstration by Tokyo VR Startups in Tokyo, Japan, on Tuesday, June 29, 2016. Tokyo VR Startups has launched the first Japanese incubation program focused on the virtual reality market, says the company website. Photographer: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg via Getty Images As VR becomes a force in the gaming world (and other sectors), I can't help but draw the evident parallels between the emergence of 3D-console gaming and quasi-nascent VR. Though some remain skeptical about VR, it will become a widely adopted technology that can drive adoption of other technologies, just like 3D-gaming technology did. Read More

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Don Surber's "Trump the Press"

(Steven Hayward) The independent internet journalist Don Surber has produced a terrific short catalogue and analysis of how everyone—but especially the conservative commentariat—missed or misunderstood the rise of Donald Trump. You can order the e-book version of Trump the Press: Don Surber's Take on How the Pundits Blew the 2016 Republican Race directly from Amazon subsidiary CreateSpace. The book is a wonderful catalogue of all the pundits who completely dismissed Trump from

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Donald Trump likely to choose Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as vice presidential pick

CLEVELAND | Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, little known nationally but highly admired in conservative circles, has a "95 percent probability" of being Donald Trump's choice for vice president, The Washington Times has learned.

The sources for that assessment are Republicans close to the campaign and to the governor.

A tipoff ...

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Report: Women In Law Enforcement More Likely To Commit Suicide Than Any Other Profession

Because it's a 'traditionally male-dominated' profession

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Facebook Is Finally Removing That Viral Picture Of Cop's Throat Being Slit

It's being allowed to remain on some users' accounts, though

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Virtual and augmented reality need a PG-13 moment

Participants use a Samsung Gear VR virtual reality device a the Two Sigma Investments booth at a Career Expo held at the FIRST Robotics NYC Championship at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York on Sunday, March 13, 2016. The expo enables participants to speak with companies and professional organizations giving a real-world look into science and technology as used in the business world and their career opportunities. (�� Richard B. Levine) (Photo by Richard Levine/Corbis via Getty Images) We've passed a significant milestone in consumer adoption of virtual reality and augmented reality — although it's clear that we're a few models away from a truly refined VR/AR experience. However, with VR and AR poised to become a mainstream force, it's the opportune time to think about how kids will interact with these technologies. Read More

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QuickTake Q&A: How Police Shootings Feed Off U.S. Strife on Race

At the intersection of race relations and deadly force in America sits a powder keg. Black people are disproportionately represented among the relatively small number of unarmed civilians killed by police each year. In the most recent high-profile incidents, a black man reported to have had a gun in his pocket was killed on July 5 by police in Louisiana. The next day in Minnesota, a black man who was reported to have told police he had a legally registered gun in his car was shot and killed. A p

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Black Lives Matter activist Deray McKesson arrested while Periscoping

Police arrest activist DeRay Mckesson Police arrested more than 200 people marching down the side of the road in Baton Rouge, Louisiana last night, according to several reports, including a strong voice in the Black Lives Matter movement, Deray McKesson. McKesson, who is very active on social media and police reform projects, was taken into custody Saturday night while walking down the side of the road and filming the protest… Read More

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Who speaks for America?

(Scott Johnson) We live in a strange time. The president of the United States has made himself a cross between a spokesman of, and a counselor to, the racial arsonists of the Black Lives Matter crowd. He lies about the criminal justice system. At a time of national peril, Obama seems to have something other than the best interests of the United States in mind, and not just on matters racial. By

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Derek Jeter And Hannah Davis Married In Low-Key Ceremony

Sorry ladies...

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Whatever happened to 3D printing?

road-3d-printers1 Sam Cervantes is a quiet-seeming guy who speaks earnestly about his line of work. When I visited his Brooklyn 3D printer factory in 2013, workers in an assembly line were busy putting together Solidoodle printers. An army of assembled printers whirred as they lay down layers of melted plastic to make parts for the next set of machines. Read More

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Flynn, Possible Trump Running Mate, Supports Abortion Rights

Potential running mates for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump played down their interest Sunday, even as the billionaire candidate has made the selection process unusually public.

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Wichita bracing for the return of Summer of Mercy protests

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - Twenty-five years after tumultuous mass protests led to nearly 2,700 arrests outside local abortion clinics, Wichita is bracing a Summer of Mercy anniversary that supporters hope will draw hundreds of activists.

The Wichita Police Department has spent months putting together a 60-page operational plan that aims ...

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Possible Trump Vice Presidential Pick Was Just 'Disqualified' By Pro-Life Group

'Woman have to be able to choose'

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Charles Ramsey, ex-police chief of Philadelphia, predicts violence at political conventions

The "very volatile" state of race relations in America today is likely to lead to violence at the Republican and Democratic conventions this summer, Philadelphia's former police chief predicted Sunday morning.

Charles H. Ramsey, who retired last year after heading Philadelphia's police department for eight years, told NBC News Sunday ...

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DHS Secretary: 'It's Still Relatively Early' To Call Dallas Attack A Hate Crime [VIDEO]

'There's still an investigation being conducted'

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Face computers slowly find their place in business

Man using smart glasses at a construction site. Remember Google Glass? How could you not? Born with great fanfare just four short years ago, the device quickly became the object of derision. People who wore them were "Glassholes." There were hyper-privacy concerns related to wearing a head-mounted camera, and even the Glass Explorer program, which limited availability, seemed to contribute to the disdain people felt. Read More

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