March 16, 2016

Editorial Roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials

Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States and abroad:


March 16

The Chicago Tribune on the March 15 U.S. presidential primaries:

Say what you will about this presidential election through Tuesday's hard-fought primaries in Illinois and four other populous states: It's been volatile, messy, noisy, exhausting, ...

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Largest US Coal Producer Considers Filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Bounced on a $71.1 million interest payment

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Bullish: What's driving the maker movement

The maker movement is hot. Worldwide, there are about 2,000 maker spaces and 26% of cities in the U.S. have them. I sat down with Inventables CEO Zach Kaplan to learn about what's driving the movement and where it's headed. "I think it's a bunch of things," Kaplan said. "One, access to all these technologies is getting super cheap. It used to be you had to… Read More

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White House: 63-Year-Old SCOTUS Nominee 'Underwent a Physical,' 'Could Serve for an Extended Period of Time'

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Latest Trump Ad Features Clinton Barking Like a Dog

"We don't need to be a punchline!"

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State: Kerry Needs More Evidence to Determine Genocide by ISIS and Assad

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These Two Photos Were So Racy They Couldn't Be In Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

They're insane...

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The Apple Watch hack: Bringing design expertise to reinvent the wearable

result I bought an Apple Watch six months ago. This was no casual purchase. As an Apple fan, a watch collector and with more than 20 years of experience in the design innovation space, I had extremely high expectations of the purchase. While I have enjoyed the stylish Apple Watch's features and functions, I have occasionally felt frustrated with the overall experience, for two, admittedly… Read More

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Actress Sophia Bush Wants to 'Move on' From Abortion to Topics That 'Actually Matter'

"And it's like, how about we just move on and, and we get to, like, the issues that weren't decided by the Supreme Court 40 years ago."

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CNN Anchor Can't Help but Gush Over Obama Supreme Court Pick: 'A Guy Who Is, Like, Perfect'

"He is absolutely a public servant first." 

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Violent Congressman's Ex-Wife 'Disgusted' by 'Trump Effect' on Kids

Democrat LuAnn Bennett is still close friends with her ex-husband Jim Moran, a former congressman known for violent outbursts and bullying, but she says that the violent rhetoric coming from Republican Donald Trump is why she is running for Congress.

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South African official says family offered him cabinet post

JOHANNESBURG (AP) - A senior South African government official said on Wednesday that a wealthy family close to President Jacob Zuma offered him a Cabinet position, a revelation that added to mounting corruption allegations against the president.

Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas said that members of the Gupta family, which ...

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Obama's March Madness Bracket Is Complete Trash

This picks are horrible

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Microsoft partners with Commonwealth of Virginia, Dominion on 20 MW solar project

6236145776_64b23a63e7_o Microsoft today announced that it is partnering with Dominion Virginia Power and the Commonwealth of Virginia to build a 20 megawatts solar energy plant in Virginia. Microsoft — like its competitors AWS, Google and others — has long been investing in renewable energy projects. Most of these investments focused on powering its data centers. Microsoft's new deal is… Read More

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Bernie Sanders Is Making Your Kid Chubby

overweightDoes socialism make people fat?

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Just in Time for St. Patrick's Day, New York City Softens Regulations on Public Drinking and Urination

For the first time in years, those who commit the offenses of public drunkenness or public urination will not be arrested.


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Atheists Plan to 'Inundate' Congress With Strategic Attack on Abstinence-Only Sex Education — Here Are the Details

"We need secular and nonreligious people to speak up…"

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Kasich Thinks Obama Shouldn't Have Made Court Pick

At a town hall at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich, fresh off his primary victory in Ohio, discusses President Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland to fill the vacant seat on the United States Supreme Court.

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Obama nominates Judge Garland to Supreme Court

(Paul Mirengoff) President Obama has nominated Merrick Garland, chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, for the Supreme Court. Last night, displaying my usual powers of prophesy in these matters, I suggested that Garland's inclusion on the short-list was a "head fake" and that Obama would select someone younger and further to the left. Sometimes you can fake yourself out. The selection of Garland wasn't

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Blitzer Calls Schultz Out on Democrats' Hypocrisy Regarding Supreme Court Picks

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Walker announces new website tracking agency performance

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Gov. Scott Walker has announced a new website tracking state agencies' performance.

The site,, contains data about each cabinet agency's goals and their progress toward reaching them. The 17 agencies include the departments of Natural Resources, Transportation, Tourism, Corrections, Health Services and Veterans Affairs.

Walker ...

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In Africa, Watson's sister Lucy is growing up with the help of IBM's Research team

shutterstock_228897490 Three years after launching a $100 million initiative to create a Watson-inspired tech platform that finds "commercially viable solutions to the continent's grand challenges," Watson's African equivalent—Lucy—is shaping up and IBM's Africa research facility is more defined in structure, team, and projects. Read More

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Christian Woman Who Saved Four Jews During World War II Tells What It Took to 'Stand and Do What Was Right'

"My only regret is that I could not do more."

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Report: Fox News Cancels Upcoming Salt Lake City Debate After Trump, Kasich Pull Out

That escalated quickly.

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GOP Presidential Debate Canceled in Utah: ABC

Republican Party's presidential debate in Utah has been canceled, ABC 4 News Utah says on Twitter. NOTE: Earlier, Trump Says He'll Skip Debate, Kasich Won't Attend GOP Debate If Trump Doesn't: Aide

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MSNBC: Democrats Very Disappointed With Obama's SCOTUS Nominee Choice

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University of Missouri approves of outside review of system

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - The University of Missouri has expressed approval of a resolution proposal that would implement an outside review of the system's operations and rules.

Vice President for University Relations Steve Knorr said the university supported the proposal at a Senate Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics ...

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Since Trump Won't Attend The Fox News Debate Neither Will Kasich

If Trump attends the debate, 'we will be there'

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Google's latest mobile search algorithm update makes having a mobile-friendly site even more important

google_logo_pipe If your site isn't easy to use on mobile, Google penalizes it by ranking it lower on its mobile search results pages. To give publishers even more of an incentive to offer mobile-friendly pages, Google today announced that, in May, it will increase the importance of having a mobile page, and sites that are not mobile-friendly will rank even lower than before. Read More

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After Creep Pulls Down Her Underwear on Mexico City Street, Victim Posts Video to Help Find Culprit — and Receives the Most Vile Messages Imaginable

"… you provoked it by wearing a short skirt. It's your fault, and I hope the next time they rape you so you know your place."

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Academy Vows to Be More 'Culturally Sensitive' Following Criticism for Chris Rock's Asian Joke

"If anybody's upset about that joke just tweet about it on your phone that was also made by these kids."

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Mitch McConnell Reacts to Obama Supreme Court Nomination

U.S. President Barack Obama announces his nomination of Merrick Garland to the U.S. Supreme Court to fill the vacancy left by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. (Source: Bloomberg)

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Clinton Says Her Pledge to Eliminate Coal Jobs Was Mistake

Hillary Clinton walked back her pledge to eliminate coal jobs in a letter to Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W. Va.) Tuesday. Manchin's senior adviser said he was "troubled and concerned" by Clinton's controversial remarks and contacted Clinton and her senior energy advisor asking for clarification, according to West Virginia MetroNews. Clinton made the remark at a CNN Town ...

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Hillary Clinton's campaign to Bernie Sanders: It's over

After resounding wins in Tuesday's slate of primaries, Hillary Clinton told her presidential rival Wednesday morning that the Democratic primary is effectively over.

In a memo to reporters, Clinton campaign director Robby Mook again stressed that Mrs. Clinton's delegate lead is "insurmountable" and that there's virtually no realistic path for ...

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MLB Legend Trashes Cam Newton, Politicians

'It's a shame'

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Execs from the IAB and AdBlock Plus will discuss the future of ads at Disrupt NY

adblocking Online advertising is one of those subjects that we can rely on to get almost everyone to roll their eyes. And lately, it seems that investors have become skeptical, too. Still, you can't understand the business of many big, consumer Internet companies without understanding advertising. So at Disrupt New York, which will take place from May 9 to 11 in Brooklyn, we'll have two… Read More

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US Tourist Questioned in Israel After Reportedly Seeking Treasures in Cave Linked to Biblical King

The "tourist entered the cave and didn't come out."

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Watch What Happens When Actress Angelina Tries to Greet Large Crowd of Migrants at Refugee Camp

"The kids are going to get hurt."

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The Clueless Presidency

(Steven Hayward) If you cast your mind back to 1979 or so, one of the signs that Jimmy Carter was washed up was a long cover story in The Atlantic by James Fallows, who had been one of Carter's speechwriters, called "The Passionless Presidency." "[T]here was a mystery to be explained about Jimmy Carter," Fallows wrote, "the contrast between the promise and popularity of his first months in office and the disappointment

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Montana Editorial Roundup

The Great Falls Tribune, March 13, on improving Montana's airports:

Airports in Great Falls and Helena lack modern scanning equipment at security checkpoints, and it's causing trouble for air passengers trying to leave those cities. Lines of passengers waiting to clear security have mushroomed in Great Falls, especially in the ...

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Justice Scalia And Chicago's Mob Violence

We cannot improve our political climate through the systemic silencing of differing views.

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The downside of an over-capitalized market

toomuchmoney I recently took the opportunity to visit with influential friends and colleagues in the New York City technology space. I sat with longtime friend Nick Chirls, founder of Notation Capital, and discussed early- and later-stage seed funding. Similarly, at a dinner with friend and colleague Rameet Chawla, we took stock in the state of affairs from the perspective of technology services. Read More

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