August 25, 2016

One Man's Disaster Is Another Man's Bogey

(John Hinderaker) Barack Obama has more or less given up any pretense of interest in his constitutional duties. Reportedly, he intends to become the first billionaire ex-president. If he has been watching Hillary Clinton and learning from her example, he shouldn't have any problem attaining that goal. Meanwhile, as his days in office dwindle away, Louisiana has been struck by flooding. Well aware that the floods would be of no interest to

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EPA Withheld Key Info On Post-Spill Funding To Gold King Mine Culprit

'Cesspool of corruption, cronyism and incompetence'

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EpiPen price hikes spark outrage; lawmakers threaten increased regulation of drug companies

The cost of the EpiPen, a potentially lifesaving quick treatment for allergic reactions, has been rising steadily for nearly a decade — but it turned into a political scandal only this month, as Washington rushed to blast the manufacturer as a heartless price-gouger.

Mylan Pharmaceuticals bowed to pressure Thursday, saying ...

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Apple zero-days mark a new era of mobile hacking

cyber-security-data-phone Krstic announced that Apple was launching a bug bounty program, offering $50,000 for zero-day vulnerabilities that allow malicious code exploits in the kernel, among other rewards. The thinking behind the bug bounty, according to Apple, is that discovering zero-day vulnerabilities — security problems that are unknown by a company but exploited by an attacker — has become more… Read More

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Trump: 'No Path to Legalization' for Undocumented Immigrants

Donald Trump, in interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, says on his first day in office as president he'd sign an executive order to direct law enforcement authorities to "get the bad ones out of the country," referring to the deportation of undocumented immigrants who have committed crimes. "The police know who they are," he says Cooper questions Trump on immigration policy, after the GOP candidate this week signaled a shift in his position to deport the estimated 11m undocumented immigrants res

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Stephen Bannon, Donald Trump campaign CEO, once charged with domestic violence

The new CEO of the Donald Trump presidential campaign was charged with domestic violence against his then-wife in 1996, Politico reported Thursday night.

Stephen K. Bannon was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, battery and dissuading a witness, Politico reported, citing police documents from the Santa Monica, Calif., department.

The ...

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Driverless Vehicles Are Here, But Policymakers Are Late To Respond

The technological reality of driverless vehicles is here, yet policymakers at the state and federal level have yet to respond to this latest challenge.

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Full Show: With All Due Respect (08/25/16)

John Heilemann and Alex Wagner are joined by Joel Benenson, senior strategist to the Hillary Clinton campaign, Republican Strategist Stuart Stevens, the Washington Post's Jenna Johnson, Marc Fisher and Michael Kranish on "With All Due Respect."

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Obama's Iran Policy Continues to Pay Dividends

(John Hinderaker) From the first days of his administration, Barack Obama has sought to promote an alliance of sorts between the U.S. and Iran's mullahs, and to build Iran up as a regional power. It is not hard to imagine what the Iranians thought of Obama's repeated overtures. You might think the mullahs would show some gratitude for the $100 billion (or whatever the amount has turned out to be) that the

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Continetti Addresses 'Alt-Right' Movement on PBS NewsHour

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John Stossel to host Gary Johnson, William Weld in Libertarian town hall

Major press coverage of third-party candidates continues, and voters have harkened to alternative voices as the presidential race roars toward its conclusion in November. One forward-thinking journalist in particular was way ahead of the crowd, however. Fox Business Network host John Stossel hosted the very first Libertarian forum and debate ...

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US-Backed Kurdish Militias Say They Were Gassed By Turkish Forces

'Gas emissions'

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How data science fights modern insider threats

generic_code_hack_security Insider threats are the biggest cybersecurity threats to firms, organizations and government agencies. This is something you hear a lot at security conference keynotes and read about in data breach reports, whitepapers and surveys — and these insider threats are becoming increasingly more difficult to detect and prevent, as well as more frequent. Read More

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Trump Biographers Delve Into 'The Donald's' Past

The Washington Posts' Marc Fisher and Michael Kranish, authors of "Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money and Power," discuss their new Donald Trump biography on "With All Due Respect."

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Flashback: Obama in 2008 on 'Keeping Our Faith With Veterans'

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The Latest: Bill would notify inmates of immigration rights

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - The Latest on action in the California Legislature (all times local):

4:10 p.m.

The California Senate is backing legislation requiring that people in jails be notified of their rights before they can be interviewed by federal immigration authorities.

Democratic lawmakers who approved the bill Thursday say ...

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Shooting Range Sued After 9 Year Old Kills Instructor With An Uzi

'I hope that this will teach them a lesson'

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Dropbox is resetting passwords for accounts that haven't changed them since mid-2012

dropbox-blueprint Dropbox is requiring users that have not changed their passwords since mid-2012 to reset their passwords this afternoon. The action appears to be related to continue fallout over the massive hack on LinkedIn in 2012 where credentials for 117 million accounts were posted online. In recent months, treasure troves of user credentials and passwords — in addition to a large MySpace hack… Read More

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Clinton Paints Trump as a Hero of the 'Alt-Right'

On "With All Due Respect," John Heilemann and Alex Wagner discuss Hillary Clinton's scathing speech in which she blasted Donald Trump for his controversial rhetoric and for turning his party over to the "alt-right."

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Clinton Dodges Questions on Clinton Foundation to Eat Chocolates

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Hillary Clinton's scandals are no laughing matter


Hillary Clinton believes the latest controversies dogging the Clinton Foundation and her State Department email exchanges and meetings are simply a laughing matter. The Democratic nominee is quick to blame Donald Trump and brush off any criticism over the cozy relationship with foundation donors during her time at the ...

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Hillary Says 'Alt Right' Is Connected To Putin, Without Any Evidence

'The godfather of this global brand of extreme nationalism is Russian President Vladimir Putin'

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WeVideo revamps its online video editor for HTML5

wevideo WeVideo has rebuilt its browser-based video editor using HTML5 instead of Flash. For many of you, the whole debate about HTML5 versus Flash may seem like a weird flashback to 2010. But Flash is taking a while to die completely — Google Chrome, for example, continues phase Flash out gradually. CEO Krishna Menon said that in the case of WeVideo's new editor (which launched quietly… Read More

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Trump and Clinton Trade Charges of Racism

Donald Trump accused Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of smearing his supporters as racists, minutes before she accused him of stoking the racial resentment of hate groups and turning his party over to a fringe movement. Bloomberg's Margaret Talev has more on "What'd You Miss?" (Source: Bloomberg)

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Biden says he expects Obama to close Guantanamo before leaving office

Vice President Joseph R. Biden said Thursday he expects President Obama to close the military detention center at Guantanamo Bay before leaving office in January.

"That is my hope and expectation," Mr. Biden said during a news conference in Sweden.

Mr. Obama has vowed to close the military prison in ...

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Say Hello To Duke University Soccer Goalkeeper Abby Pyne [PHOTOS]

She is stunning

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President Obama has his virtual reality debut in new Felix & Paul experience

big_o With just a few months left in his term, President Obama is still trying out some cool, new stuff. Through the Ages: President Obama Celebrates America's National Parks is a virtual reality project marking the centennial anniversary of the National Park Service. The experience, which was actually a production National Geographic, Felix & Paul Studios and Oculus, is the first… Read More

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Trump Says 'Poll Numbers Are Starting to Look Very Good'

"All numbers rising, national way up," Republican nominee Donald Trump says on Twitter. Says he's leading in Florida and Arizona, with a 'big jump' in Utah NOTE: Aug. 25, Presidential Race Knotted in N.C., Trump Leads in Ariz.: CNN NOTE: Aug. 24, Trump leads Clinton, 43%-41%, in Fla., according to Aug. 19-22 poll by the Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiative NOTE: Aug. 21, Clinton Gets 46% of Likely Ohio Voters, Trump 40%: CBS News NOTE: Aug. 18, Clinton Leads Trum

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Brexit Leader Nigel Farage Addresses Trump Rally, Bashes Clinton

JACKSON, Miss. (Reuters) - Nigel Farage, a key figure in the successful campaign to get Britain out of the European Union, lent his support to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying Trump represented the same type of anti-establishment movement that he masterminded in his own country.

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Donald Trump: Some illegal immigrants could pay 'back taxes,' but won't receive citizenship

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says illegal immigrants would not receive U.S. citizenship under his plan, but raised the possibility of some paying "back taxes" while reiterating that the "bad ones" will be sent out of the country.

"No citizenship," Mr. Trump said at a Fox News town hall that ...

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CAIR Worries Banks Are Closing Too Many Muslim Accounts Under Anti-Terror Laws

'CAIR believes these closures may not be isolated incidents'

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Apple may be building a Snapchat-like video app

iphone-6-plus-camera After a failed attempt to go social with Ping in 2010, Apple may have a renewed sense of excitement over the social space, according to a report from Bloomberg. Sources told Bloomberg that Apple is working on a video recording/editing app that would be similar in functionality to Snapchat, though there's no mention of disappearing or self-destructing content in the report. Instead, the… Read More

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Clinton Raises California Cash from Hollywood and Tech Luminaries

The Democratic nominee raked in millions during a three-day fundraising trip to the Golden State.

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To the person sitting in darkness

(Scott Johnson) We have lost the power at home twice this week, each time for several hours overnight. It seems to happen every time we have a serious summer thunderstorm. The utter silence and lack of light tend to disturb my sleep. We should have a generator, but we don't. As I sat thought about the powerlessness, the title "To the person sitting in darkness" came to me. Who wrote that? Was

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Hillary Clinton on foundation: 'I know there's a lot of smoke but there's no fire'

Hillary Clinton is pushing back on a report this week that she took many meetings with Clinton Foundation donors as secretary of state, saying there's "a lot of smoke" but "no fire."

"My work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces," Mrs. Clinton said in a ...

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SCIENCE: Married People Who Sit Around Watching A Bunch Of Porn Are More Likely To Divorce

'We think it's actually pornography use that's predicting marital dissolution'

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ThingThing iOS keyboard app adds meeting invites to woo Sunrise users

ThingThing meeting invite feature Productivity focused third party iOS keyboard app ThingThing is hoping to woo fans of the Sunrise calendar by adding a meeting invite feature — following the latter's kiss-of-death acquisition by Microsoft last year. Read More

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